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Wood Destroying Pest Inspection & Termite Inspection In Reno, NV

Wood-Destroying Pest Inspections At A Glance

Celtic Pest Inspections & Control Services can complete your wood-destroying pest inspection in Reno, NV and all of the pest-related treatments and repairs found on your pest report at a competitive price. We complete the job, so you can close escrow or refinancing!

Clear, accurate reports according to the Department of Agriculture guidelines, delivered the next business day, and we don’t exaggerate findings to upsell repairs or treatments.

Our pest inspections stick to the guidelines prescribed by the State of Nevada – Department of Agriculture. We check for:

  • Termite activity

  • Other wood-destroying insects

  • Wood-destroying fungi

  • Earth-wood contact

  • Faulty grades

  • Insufficient ventilation

  • Excessive moisture

  • Cellulose debris

Pest re-inspections are free of charge after we complete treatments.

Repairs & Treatments

Reports by other pest control companies - No problem!

  • Fungus treatments
  • Termite treatments
  • Carpenter ants
  • Vapor barriers
  • Cellulose debris removal
  • Crawlspace vent installation
  • Soffit/Eaves vent installation
  • Unblock/Repair Existing Vents
  • Bi-monthly & Quarterly Pest Control Services for ongoing pest control

Protect Your Reno Property From Wood Destroying Insects

You may not think pests are that serious of an issue, but the truth is that some pests can cause incredible damage to your home. Termites alone cause over five billion dollars in structural damage repairs and prevention costs to buildings in the United States every year. That doesn't even take into account all of the other wood-destroying insects in Reno that can get into your home and damage it.

Whether you are in the process of buying or selling your Reno property, or you simply want the peace of mind that goes along with knowing your house isn't being eaten from the inside out by pests, Celtic Pest Control provides home pest control services you need. We offer wood-destroying insect inspections that determine if you have any of these damaging insects in your home and identify any damage they've done.

Our Wood Destroying Insect Inspections/Termite Inspections

Wood destroying pest inspection in Reno, NV

Celtic Pest Control performs Wood Destroying Pest Inspections according to the Nevada Department of Agriculture guidelines. These inspections are often required during the sale of a property or for refinancing purposes. If you are doing VA refinancing, we will work with you on that, as well.

Even if your lender does not require a wood-destroying insect inspection to approve your loan, and even if you're not buying or refinancing, we recommend this service to identify any problems. No one wants to move into a home only to discover it has extensive termite damage. Furthermore, identifying the problem as early as possible allows you to take the necessary steps to minimize the damage and get a jump-start on quality termite control.

Our inspections allow us to look for termites, carpenter ants, other wood-destroying pests, and wood-destroying fungus. We also look for conditions that could lead to an infestation, allowing you to take steps to prevent a problem before it begins.

During our inspection, we'll look at the interior and exterior of your home. We'll inspect the attic and crawl space as well to ensure that nothing is hiding in the areas outside of your living space where it would be less noticeable to you. We can help you be sure that termites aren't causing damage to your home in Reno.

The Service You Need

Celtic Pest Control's wood destroying insect inspections in Reno are detailed and thorough inspections of accessible areas in your home. We work with VA loans, FHA conventional loads and refinancing. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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