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Home Pest Control In Reno, NV

Providing maximum pest protection tailored to your home’s needs

Quality Pest Control For Your Reno Home

Pests in Nevada come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, and some are small. Some are simply annoying, while some are a serious threat to your home or family. Regardless of the type of pests that have gotten into your house, you’d rather not spend any more time than necessarily sharing your home with them. With the help of Celtic Pest Control, you don’t have to. With years of experience providing exceptional service and eco-friendly home pest control in Reno, NV and the surrounding areas, we are highly qualified and ready to deliver the pest control you need at an honest price.

General Home Pest Control in Reno, NV

Home pest control in Reno, NV

At Celtic Pest Control, we offer free evaluations and estimates to identify your home’s pest problems and provide you with a quote for our services. We’ll perform a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your house, including in the attic and crawl space if necessary, to look for pest activity, entry points, and more.

Once we’ve determined what pests are in your house, how they’re getting inside, and their patterns, we’ll develop a treatment plan specifically for your home’s pest control needs. Treatments may include sealing small entry points, setting out bait stations and traps, de-webbing the exterior, and treating the exterior perimeter, windows, doors, and eaves. If interior treatments are necessary, we’ll also perform those during your initial service. Our treatments use eco-friendly products that are safe for children and pets.

Like our treatments, we also customize our follow-up services to your needs. For our Reno-area general pest control service, we’ll return to your house to reapply the barrier treatment and reset traps and bait stations as needed.

Additional Home Pest Control Service Plans in Reno, NV

Residential pest control in Reno, NV

Pests are a year-round problem in Reno. If you have a pest problem not covered by our general pest control plan, you may be interested in our other home pest control services. Learn more about them at the links below.

Our Home Pest Control Process

The best home pest control in Reno, NV

We start with an inspection of the interior and exterior of your house. We can provide you with a customized treatment plan to meet your needs by identifying your pest problems.

The best residential pest control in Reno, NV

We fully customize our treatments to each home and family we serve. We’ll create a protective barrier around your house, set up bait stations, traps, and more to keep pests out.

The best residential pest control company in Reno, NV

Our follow-up services are also fully customized to your needs. They typically include a re-application of the barrier treatment, checking of bait and traps, and more.

Local Service To Protect Your Home

As a locally-owned business with years of experience, Celtic Pest Control has dealt with all of the pest problems Reno has to offer. We provide our customers with the customized services you need to protect your home from pests and eliminate any active Reno, NV pests that have gotten inside. Request a free evaluation by contacting us today.

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"My overall experience with your company was very good. They were on time and professional. They did good work and answered all questions we had. From the first point of contact with your company, we have had a good experience. Great customer service. We will use them in the future and highly recommend them!"

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