What To Do About The Pigeons On My Commercial Reno Property

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Seeing a plethora of pigeons around your commercial Reno property will likely send you scrambling to learn how to control pigeons and remove this nuisance pest. Fortunately, Reno pest control professionals can help you understand the best pigeon control methods and how to keep all birds off your property.

Do I Need Professional Help With Pigeons On My Commercial Property?

Pigeons invading your commercial property can seem like nothing more than a nuisance at first, but you more than likely need professional help removing this troublesome bird. Pigeons are carriers of several diseases such as histoplasmosis, salmonella, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and encephalitis. Coming into contact with the pigeon or their droppings can easily transmit these diseases to you.

Additionally, pigeons carry parasitic pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites to your commercial property, where they can drop off and start an infestation. It takes professional assistance to effectively prevent future pest problems while eliminating active pigeon infestations and cleaning up after this pest.

Ways To Deter Pigeons In Reno

Pigeon control in Reno can seem complicated at first, but these simple steps can help you with controlling pigeons and make your commercial property less hospitable to this pest:

  • Utilize bird netting around outdoor balconies to prevent pigeons from entering; this method is 100% effective when installed properly.
  • Add a few plastic owls and rubber snakes to outdoor areas to scare off pigeons that might be trying to settle around your commercial property.
  • Install bird spikes anywhere you don’t want pigeons to rest to deter them from your property and stop them from sitting on roofs or windowsills, covering them with droppings.
  • Use wire coils to prevent pigeons from perching on railings around your commercial property.

If you have more questions about commercial pigeon control, don’t hesitate to contact Celtic Pest Control for the expert answers you need.

Do Bird Nets Really Keep Birds Away?

Bird nets are one of the most effective methods of bird exclusion and pigeon pest control. It works by physically blocking bird invaders from areas you don't want them to inhabit, preventing widespread infestation and the spread of bird droppings. Bird netting is also a long-term and cost-effective solution because the netting can stay put for a long time without adjustments needed.

However, you must install bird netting professionally and adequately to make it effective. Any gaps or openings in the bird netting can let birds, or even small mammals, inside where they become trapped, creating an issue with humane removal and causing chaos as the bird or mammal tries to escape. 

Celtic Pest Control can help you with bird netting installation and answer your questions about this helpful bird control technique.

Total Bird Control For Commercial Properties

There’s nothing worse than an invasion of pigeons, or any other type of bird, on your commercial property, spreading disease and ruining your reputation in the Reno community. At Celtic Pest Control, we know how important keeping these nuisance birds off your property. We will work with you closely to eliminate any bird problem you encounter.

Our bird control plans start with a thorough inspection of your commercial property, followed by barrier treatments and the sealing of entry points. We will install bird netting and wire caging as needed. We customize our bird control solutions to your property’s needs, allowing us to give you the most effective and reliable treatments possible.

Contact us today to learn more or get started removing birds from your Reno commercial property.

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