Weed Control Made Simple For Reno Residents

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Weed control is something that Reno residents can spend copious amounts of time and money on, only to end up still contending with this invasive plant ruining their yard. Reno pest control specialists can help you understand weed control and simplify this process, so you don’t need to stress over keeping your yard beautiful.

What Causes Weeds To Grow?

Weeds are opportunistic plants, and weeds will only grow when the soil, temperature, and moisture conditions are perfect for them to thrive. Weed seeds will either be blown into your yard by the wind, dropped by birds, or carried in by animals that enter your yard and can hide out in the soil until they achieve perfect growth conditions. Both pre-and post-emergent weed treatments are necessary to counteract any weed that attempts to grow on your lawn.

The Most Common Weeds To Grow In Reno And How To Treat Them

There are several common types of weeds in Reno, and any of these weeds will take over your yard if you are not careful. 

Weed species that you may encounter in Reno include:

  • Common tumbleweed
  • Prickly lettuce
  • Spotted and prostrate spurge
  • Curlycup gumweed
  • Perennial pepperweed
  • Mustard weed

The best way to treat all these weed species is to remove the conditions they can grow in and keep an eye on your lawn. With proactive weed care, manual weed removal (such as weed pulling), and professional treatments, you can prevent these weed species from taking over your Reno lawn.

Five Tips For Weed Control

Weed control may not be the easiest task to undertake, but these five simple tips for weed control can help you get started when it comes to protecting your lawn from weed invaders:

  1. If you’re digging weeds from your lawn, try not to do this regularly or before all weeds have emerged. Pulling weeds too often can displace soil and bring seeds to the surface, encouraging even greater growth.
  2. Remove the roots of a weed when manually pulling these plants out; this stops the weed from regrowing and continuing to destroy your lawn.
  3. Add a layer of mulch to your lawn to maintain proper moisture levels in the soil and stop weeds from quickly growing out of your lawn. Make sure the mulch layer is at least four to five centimeters deep.
  4. Avoid overwatering or underwatering your lawn. Improper moisture control can lead to weeds taking advantage of specific conditions and thriving while the plants you want in your yard die off.
  5. Cut the heads off weeds and trim your grass simultaneously to prevent weeds from reseeding; this is done by setting your lawn mower to about two inches high and then going over your lawn.

For more information on easy weed control tactics, contact Celtic Pest Control.

Celtic Pest Control Can Help With Weed Control

Weed control is something that our team at Celtic Pest Control specializes in, and we strive to ensure that your property is protected from weeds year-round. With our pre- and post-emergence treatments, in addition to our bi-monthly maintenance schedules, topical weed treatments, and expert customer service, your Reno lawn will be free of all manner of weeds in no time. 

Allow Celtic Pest Control to take care of your weed problems today so you can enjoy the beauty of your well-maintained Reno lawn.

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