The Quickest Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Reno

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If you haven’t received bed bug control services in the past, you should still be prepared for what to do if your home has bed bugs. Infestations don’t just happen in cluttered homes, contrary to popular belief; these insects will infiltrate any residence. They’re interested in all spaces that animals and humans occupy, in order for them to feed on blood, and blood alone. If you wake up and see multiple bites on your body, specialty pest control in Reno is your best bet to remove bed bugs.  

The process to get rid of bed bugs is very intricate, and an infestation can actually grow larger if you take the wrong approach. Common storebought insecticides aren’t as helpful as advertised, and DIY methods are ineffective at best. With some reading, you can find out what causes bed bugs and how you can quickly eradicate them with the help of Celtic Pest Control.

Checking For Bed Bugs: A Complete Guide 

Most homeowners don’t know how to check for bed bugs or even identify them. You’ll be looking for insects ¼ of an inch long with circular burgundy bodies. Their upper half is smaller than their bottom half, and the joining midsection doesn’t have much of a discernable shape. They have six legs and two antennas. Bed bugs drop eggs that are pearly white, and their nymphs are translucent. 

You should definitely check your home for bed bugs if you find drops of blood or dark muck on fabrics and counters. Brown or black marks should alarm you as well; it could be feces. Don’t ignore any lasting odors you notice either, as bed bugs in large numbers can create a musty smell. Once you wake up with red bumps on your skin that are close together, it’s obvious bed bugs may be a factor. 

Bed bugs have a tendency to be in or around the following: 

  • Electronics
  • Fabrics
  • Appliances
  • Wallpaper
  • Upholstery
  • Electrical sockets 
  • Couches
  • Wood trim
  • Mattresses
  • Flooring

Carefully inspect these items and areas with a flashlight, paying extra attention to crevices and interiors. Also check drawers and personal bags like backpacks, luggage, and duffles. In regard to bedding and mattresses, it’s important to inspect headboards, footboards, and box springs. Never purchase or accept secondhand things without inspecting for bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Won't Just Go Away On Their Own

Some pests gradually migrate out of the location they’ve infested, but bed bugs aren’t one of them. They will only have incentive to leave if no blood is available at all. Given their steady reproduction patterns, these insects may eventually be present throughout your home. You run the risk of having anemia because your blood will be fed on repeatedly. Insomnia can also be an issue because of the challenge to sleep soundly. Scratching your itchy bed bug welts is a pathway to secondary bacterial infections, as it’s possible germs will get inside of cuts made from your nails. 

How To Prevent From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Home

Bed bugs travel between public places and homes by crawling into people’s clothes and belongings. Here’s how you avoid carrying them with you: 

  • Never set your belongings on the floor or close to other people's belongings when in public places.  
  • Get a new hotel room if your current room has bed bugs. 
  • Use protective covers or plastic bags to shield your luggage. 
  • Clean and dry your travel wardrobe with hot water and high heat.

Be mindful when you’re out and about. Remember, bed bugs can be anywhere. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My House Fast?

Natural pest control for bed bugs and commercial insecticides won’t solve your problems. You can’t expect to reach all eggs and insects with these products, plus they contain ingredients that may be hazardous when used improperly. We at Celtic Pest Control have safe dusts, steam treatments, HEPA vacuums, and more. Call us today for a free evaluation!

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