Is Professional Weed Control A Necessity In Reno?

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The term “weed” generally refers to a plant that grows in any area where it is unwanted. The College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, & Natural Resources at the University of Nevada, Reno, puts weeds into categories as nuisance weeds and noxious weeds. Nuisance weeds demonstrate a tremendous reproductive capacity because of having strong roots and resilient seeds. Local property owners may struggle with nuisance weeds, as they will compete for often scarce resources, including soil nutrients, light, and water. 

According to Nevada Statute, a noxious weed is a plant species deemed as harmful and destructive and not easily controlled or eliminated. The Nevada Department of Agriculture maintains a Nevada Noxious Weed List and actively conducts regulatory functions as well as awards grants, and performs related educational initiatives. 

Are you struggling with how to control weeds in your lawn or garden area? In most cases, consulting with a qualified lawn care professional is the best course of action for achieving the successful outcome you desire. A local Reno lawncare spraying company maintains the knowledge and equipment needed for safely and effectively controlling lawn weeds. A professional team of lawn care maintenance services will ensure your property looks great. 

Common Types Of Weeds That Invade Lawns In Reno

What are some of the most prevalent and problematic types of weeds that Reno-area homeowners commonly encounter in their lawn and garden areas? 

  • Common Tumbleweed: Commonly referred to as Russian Thistle, tumbleweed is a summer annual found throughout residential and agricultural environments. As they mature, these dry and lightweight weeds break off, spread seeds throughout adjacent areas, and are highly susceptible to wildfires. 
  • Prickly Lettuce: As a weed that will grow from approximately one to five feet tall, prickly lettuce features hollow stems that are prickly or smooth.  As they grow, yellowish flower heads develop that appear similar to dandelions, and prickly lettuce contains a thick, sticky “sap-like” liquid. 
  • Spurge: Another common variety is Spotted and Prostate Spurge, which are annual weeds with distinctive hairy and reddish stems. 
  • They usually bloom during the warm summer months with pink flowers. 
  • Curly cup Gumweed: A weed that is native to America, curly cup gumweed may have multiple stems that range from one to three feet tall. During the late summer months, these weeds develop yellowish flowers.  
  • Mustard Weed: Tumble Mustard Weed has stems that may reach five feet. During the late spring or summer, small yellowish flowers emerge. 

The Nevada Nuisance Weed Field Guide maintained by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension represents a very robust resource for the many weeds found throughout the state. This publication classifies weeds across roughly 20 different families. 

How A Few Weeds Can Become A Big Problem

Problems with weeds in yard areas generally get progressively worse. Many types of weeds grow quickly and limit the light that your cultivated plants receive. Many types of weeds will tolerate periods of drought, excessive heat, and regular mowing as they consume many vital nutrients that a healthy lawn and plants need. 

Why DIY Weed Control Can Be Costly And Time-Consuming

Attempts at maintaining a weed-free lawn using do-it-yourself product options purchased from home improvement retailers often prove fruitless. As a result, property owners might waste time and money without actually achieving positive results, which leads to further frustration. 

Those who perform effective weed control on lawns have a good understanding of lawn care maintenance; therefore, homeowners throughout the Reno region should choose an experienced local weed control company for solving these problems and keeping yard areas looking great. 

Let The Professionals Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free

Do you need a local provider of professional lawn maintenance services for your property’s exterior? Residents of Reno should contact Celtic Pest Control for comprehensive weed and lawn care solutions. 

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