How Do Spiders Keep Finding Their Way Into My Reno Home?

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Spiders are small predatory creatures categorized as arachnids that have eight legs and multiple eyes. Spiders exist on all continents except for Antarctica in many thousands of different species. Female spiders usually have a larger body than their male counterparts.

In nature, spiders benefit the environment by reducing the number of many other unwanted insects, including flies and mosquitoes. Many spider species create webs that capture passing forms of prey, and others emerge suddenly from hiding places and grasp their victims as they use their venomous fangs to subdue the creature. 

Are there poisonous spiders in Nevada? Among the venomous house spiders that may harm humans are the black widow spider and brown recluse spider. The black widow (Latrodectus mactans) has a dark, shiny appearance with a leg span reaching up to two inches and distinctive red or orange marking on its belly. Brown recluse spiders (Loxosceles recluse) are generally smaller, with a leg span of roughly one inch and a “violin-like” marking.

Many individuals will exhibit significant redness and irritation at the site of a venomous spider bite. Others might suddenly develop feelings of chills, nausea, and abdominal pain that require prompt medical attention. Fortunately, the majority of house spiders pose a minimal risk to human health. 

In outdoor settings, spiders might live within piles of firewood, shrubs, and other areas of vegetation and debris. Inside homes, some spiders create webs in the upper corners of rooms or closets, while others may stay in dark, more secluded areas.  

Are spiders regularly present within your home? A licensed Reno pest control professional has some expertise in identifying house spiders, knows the best treatment options, and may recommend various exclusionary measures that prevent access. 

How Do Spiders Get Into Your Home? Eight Typical Entry Points

Tiny little spiders may use their small size for easily infiltrating homes. Some of the most likely entry points include cracks or crevices near the foundation, damaged screens, spaces below exterior doors, gaps around windows, uncovered exhaust vents, utility pass-throughs, or “hitchhiking” inside boxes from storage areas or camping gear. 

Eliminating The Spiders Inside Your Home

Spiders will enter Reno homes and remain only when they have access to sources of food such as insects. For this reason, adhering to a comprehensive strategy that will prevent the types of critters that spiders eat is of critical importance. Ensure that kitchens are properly cleaned and maintained by never leaving dirty dishes out overnight, sweeping regularly, and ensuring trash cans containing food scraps have a functional lid. 

Avoid using bright exterior lighting near entryways, which commonly attract flying insects that spiders consume. Consider replacing traditional light bulbs with the newer, yellowish L.E.D. style models that attract significantly fewer of these pests. Promptly and safely remove spider webs using a vacuum or similar tool, which might discourage these pests from staying. 

Blocking Spider Entry Points In Homes

Implementing exclusionary measures is of critical significance when preventing spiders. Some of the best practices include:

  • Apply durable caulk or sealant to fill cracks or gaps near the foundation of the structure. 
  • Install sweeps on the base of exterior doors that may help with preventing access. 
  • Use weatherstripping to seal off any gaps that exist around the frames of windows.
  • Repair any torn or otherwise damaged window screens that might allow entry. 
  • Remember to check inside bags or boxes of seasonal items that you retrieve from storage for the presence of spiders before bringing them into the main areas of the home. 

A local pest exterminator can visit your home and conduct an assessment that will reveal conditions that might allow spiders an opportunity to infiltrate the structure. 

Professional Spider Control In Reno

Celtic Pest Control is a locally-owned provider of professional home pest control solutions with a long track record of success. Our staff receives excellent initial and ongoing training and has a tremendous variety of treatment options at their disposal. In addition to spiders, our specialists will expel ants, rodents, termites, and a host of other potentially harmful and destructive pests that plague local homeowners. 

We invite you to contact our office to schedule an inspection. We have office hours six days a week for your convenience. 

Remember to ask your representative about the various specialized services that we now provide for our customers. Examples include implementing solutions for crawlspaces that have significant problems with excessive moisture and humidity, treatment for fungal growth, and many others. One of our team members is available to perform a detailed property inspection that will accurately determine the nature and extent of any pest-related intrusion.  

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