How Can I Tell If My Reno Home Needs Carpenter Ant Control?

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Pest control in Reno is a year-round job, but the warmer months present a significant challenge to home and business owners in the region. Carpenter ants, in particular, become very active during the warmer months.

That's because they, like most ant species, are very active foragers and explorers. In the spring and summer, these insects search for food, shelter, and new places where they might build a new fortress for their colony.

We've compiled a guide of handy tips to help you stay ahead of ants on your property. You'll know how to identify, prevent, and eliminate an infestation of carpenter ants by the end.

When Do Carpenter Ants Become Active Around Reno?

Carpenter ants may behave somewhat differently in different regions of the country, but there's no doubt about it – these pests are far more active in the spring and summer months. That's doubly so for wooded areas.

What are carpenter ants? Carpenter ants in Reno are notorious foragers and explorers, and the warmer months are when opportunities are at their ripest for these insects. Ants are more likely to find food, shelter, sources of water, and new places to build a colony during the spring and summer.

That isn't to say that ants won't be active year-round in some parts of the country. On the east coast, ants are largely dormant during the winter months. However, in Reno, the climate is warm enough to facilitate carpenter ant activity year-round.

Warning Signs Of Carpenter Ant Activity

Finding carpenter ants on the premises isn't usually a problem. Carpenter ants are larger than common house ants and are more active in ways that make them more noticeable to us than their counterparts.

Here are some warning signs to be on the lookout for if you think you may be dealing with an infestation of carpenter ants:

  • Creaking or scratching sounds in the woodwork.
  • Piles of wood shavings or dust near window sills or baseboards.
  • Long ant trails or paths on the property (this is how they forage and move objects).
  • Finding winged ants or their discarded wings near the window.

These signs don't assure that a property is infested on its own. Each factor, compounded, does paint a pretty convincing picture of an infestation, however.

If you do see carpenter ants on your property, don't panic. You're unlikely to be able to remove them on your own, but you can easily handle the situation by following the steps below.

Why Carpenter Ants Are Impossible To Treat On Your Own

Many ask us, "How do I get rid of carpenter ants?" The answer is simple! Call in the pros. Carpenter ants are too much of a match for the average homeowner. These ant colonies can number in the hundreds if not thousands.

Worse still is their ability to keep their colonies out of sight and danger. Their reproductive capabilities are nothing short of impressive, too, requiring a total eradication of an infestation to have any chance at eliminating them.

Put simply, a few carpenter ants could regenerate an entire colony's population, particularly if they're well-sheltered on your property. That makes these pests notoriously difficult to evict.

Do carpenter ants bite? On top of all the other worries they present, yes, they do bite to defend themselves! Most people don't think of ants as predatory animals, and because of their small stature, they aren't often considered outright threats to animals much larger than themselves.

However, carpenter ants can pack a serious punch with their bites, and that's compounded by the fact that ants tend to call for backup in the event of a scrap. They will release pheromones that summon other battler ants to the scene, making an infestation of carpenter ants an outright threat to anyone.

If you're unsure of whether or not it's safe to handle carpenter ants, don't play the odds and try to handle it on your own. Plenty of homeowners have been hurt this way.

Benefits Of Professional Carpenter Ant Treatment For Your Reno Home

While there are carpenter ant solutions and remedies on the internet, they're basically myths. Ants are well-equipped to handle whatever most homeowners could possibly throw at them. That's why we always tell people – if you want to get rid of carpenter ants, pick up the phone and call Celtic Pest Control.

The best way to prevent carpenter ants and keep them off your property for good is to contact Celtic Pest Control. With years of experience in the pest control industry, we are the best home pest control company for carpenter ants.

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