Don't Let Your Pet Food Become Pest Food In Reno

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No Reno property owner wants to deal with an infestation of rodents running wild around their property's exterior and interior areas. Reno pest control professionals can help you understand how to reduce rodent attractants and discourage all rodents from invading your property.

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In Reno?

Around Reno, there are several different types of rodents that you may see invading your property. It is crucial to correctly identify which rodent species is invading your property, as different rodent control tactics are often required based on species. The most commonly encountered rodents around Reno include the Norway and roof rats, and the house mouse. Our team at Celtic Pest Control can help you tell the difference between these rodents and will work with you to develop tailored treatment plans.

Making Sure Pet Food Doesn't Become Pest Food

One of the biggest attractors for rodents is easy access to food. Rodents will be attracted to the smell and the accessibility when you leave uncovered pet food out around exterior areas or even in interior spaces. They will do whatever it takes to invade your property and get hold of that food. To stop rodents from being drawn to pet food, you should reduce access to outdoor pet food and keep leftover pet food in airtight containers; this prevents the aroma from attracting pests.

Indoors, try to refrain from free-feeding pets; set meal times will allow your pets to eat all of their food within a specific time. Then you can pick up the bowls, properly store the leftover food and rinse the dishes, eliminating an easy source of food for rodents.

Other steps that you can take to prevent rodents in your home are always using airtight containers in food storage areas, refraining from leaving out dirty dishes and food or drink spills, and sealing trash bags tightly.

How To Use Pest Control Products Safely Around Kids & Pets

Many individuals will try to get rid of rodents by applying DIY pest control products around their property. However, when misused, these products can be dangerous to children and pets that come across them. To increase the safety of your application process, only apply pest control products while children and pets are in a different room or outside your property. Let the product dry before sensitive individuals return. Contact Celtic Pest Control to learn more about the proper techniques and application of pest control products.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Reno And Keep Them Away

Effective rodent control in Reno includes contacting Celtic Pest Control to remove any rodents hiding in your home and causing problems. You can also take the time to implement easy rodent prevention tips such as:

  • Sealing cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your property
  • Storing all leftover food, including pet food, properly
  • Utilizing airtight containers in food pantry areas
  • Cleaning up clutter and food or drink spills right away
  • Sealing all trash bags tightly and disposing of them promptly
  • Using trash cans with lids to keep rodents from scavenging
  • Keep outdoor areas free of long grass, easy access to pet food, and debris that might attract rodents

And remember, contact Celtic Pest Control at the first signs of rodents invading your property. Only professional assistance can help you safely eradicate this pest entirely and without the stress of attempting DIY rodent removal methods. 

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