Answering Reno Residents' Most Commonly Asked Pigeon Questions

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Answering Reno Residents' Most Commonly Asked Pigeon Questions

The pigeon is at the top of the list of birds that are pests to homes and businesses. Almost every urban area has pigeon control problems, and Reno is no different. These pests are not native to North America and were introduced to this continent by Europeans in the 1600s. The ones we deal with today are feral pigeons, descendants of those tamed and caged birds once brought here. Pigeons and humans have had various relationships for thousands of years. Man has used them for food, sport, and as messengers.

Over the years, the pigeon population has exploded and is now a tremendous problem for humans. There are an estimated 400 million pigeons across the globe today, and they are growing at a rapid rate with the increase of urbanization. New York City alone has approximately one million pigeons. They will roost in almost any structure, including warehouses, city buildings, bridges, and homes.

Pigeons can cause a multitude of problems where they nest and gather. They carry over 60 different diseases, and some of these illnesses are fatal on rare occasions. Their nests and fecal matter can also be detrimental to structures, especially if not attended to promptly. These reasons are why a pigeon problem should be dealt with by the experts of a Reno pest control company. Celtic Pest Control has years of experience in pigeon and bird control.

Are A Pigeon And A Dove The Same Thing?

Pigeons and doves are both in the same family of birds (Columbidae). It's more of a linguistic difference between the two. There are more than 300 species, and about a dozen live in the United States. The pigeons that we see perched on buildings or park benches are relatives of the rock dove.

Doves are usually the small, slender birds, while pigeons are associated with the larger and broader versions of the family. The rock pigeon (or dove) is the most common pest variety. They are typically 11 inches tall and weigh about 13 ounces. Their color varies, but they are usually grayish with two black bands on the wings and one on the tail.

What Do Pigeons Like To Eat?

As you have probably noticed, pigeons are not picky eaters and will eat nearly anything they can grab with their little beaks. Pigeons have learned to adapt their diets to their environments. They are omnivorous and will eat both vegetable matter and meat. Their natural diet consists of seeds, grains, grasses, weeds, and fruits, and they will throw in the occasional insect, snail, or worm to supplement their diet. City dwellers will eat almost anything accessible or thrown at them by their human neighbors.

Are Pigeons Intelligent?

Pigeons are one of the most intelligent of the 10,000 or so bird species. These intelligent birds can recognize all 26 letters of the English alphabet. In fact, they can perform tasks that only humans and primates have been able to learn. 

Pigeons also can learn and differentiate between different photos from each other, including pictures of human faces. In one study, pigeons could tell the difference between Van Gogh and Chagall's paintings based on the artists' use of hues and patterns.

How Can I Make The Pigeons Loitering On My Property Go Away For Good?

Pigeons are extremely filthy birds that spread diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis. Their feces can contain fungus growth that can cause histoplasmosis, and they also carry parasites like ticks, lice, fleas, and mites.

Pigeons also cause damage to structures and pose a hazard. Their droppings can be a tremendous nuisance as they are acidic and deteriorate building materials. Their nests can block gutters and downspouts in homes, resulting in possible water damage and posing fire hazards when built near exhaust pipes.

All of the reasons above stress the importance of addressing any pigeon issues that you may have on your property. There are products on the market that can help make your home less attractive to pigeons, such as plastic birds and snakes, spikes, and noise devices. But your best bet for pigeon control is to let the professionals take care of it.

Celtic Pest Control has proven methods for preventing pigeons that are safe and effective. Our certified technicians will protect your home and family from these pest birds. We won't be satisfied until you are satisfied. Give us a call to learn about our bird control solutions today.

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