Why You Should Call The Professionals About Mice In Your Reno Home

Do mothballs keep mice away? How do you get rid of mice permanently? Unfortunately, DIY rodent control rarely works the way it promises to, which is why you should always call professionals about a mouse infestation in your Reno home.

Here's what local homeowners should know about the signs of mice, how mice can make you sick, why mouse traps don't work, and when it's time to work with pest control in Reno to get rid of these rodents.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

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How long can mice live without food? House mice can only survive around four days without food and water, and since they're so dependent on a food source, these pests like to find homes that provide them with easy access to these things. Mice don't always live out in the open, and it can take months before homeowners realize they are there. Here are the signs of an infestation you'll want to watch out for:

Scratching In The Walls

Does it ever seem like there's scratching or squeaking coming from the walls during the night? The culprit is probably house mice. As they scurry around in the walls or squeak, you can hear these mice noises around the house. 

Musty Odor

As the infestation grows, mice can produce a musty, pungent odor that lingers around your home or certain parts of the house. This smell can develop from a couple of different things. Urine and droppings can produce foul smells, but when a house mouse dies in your home, it can emit a musty odor.

Smudge Marks

Mice like to use the same routes when they travel across your home, and their oily, greasy bodies can leave grease marks along baseboards and walls when they scurry around.


Droppings are a big indicator of a house mouse infestation. Mice droppings tend to be small, dark, and about the size of a grain of rice. The longer they're left out in the open, the droppings may disintegrate into dust.

You Don't Have To Touch Mice For Them To Make You Sick

Some homeowners assume they need to touch a house mouse to catch a disease, like tularemia, hantavirus, salmonella, or lymphocytic choriomeningitis. However, this is not true – just sharing the same living space with mice can cause you to get sick.

As mentioned above, mouse droppings may disintegrate into dust, and if you or anyone else you live with breathes in that dust, you could become sick.

Mice sometimes spread disease through parasites, like ticks, mites, or fleas. These parasites may hop off the rodents once they're inside your home and begin spreading their dangerous diseases to you or your pets.

Why Mouse Traps Aren't Enough To Get Rid Of An Infestation

Perhaps the most commonly known type of mouse control, mouse traps, may seem like an easy solution for getting rid of these pests, but they aren't as effective as they may seem. There are several reasons why mouse traps may not work, such as:

  • If you're handling the bait with your bare hands, a mouse's sensitive nose may be able to smell you on the food and decide to steer clear.
  • You're not placing the traps in the right places. Setting mouse traps in areas where mice don't frequent or are too open often won't work. 
  • You may also be using ineffective bait that just isn't drawing the interest of mice in your home.
  • Putting too much bait in the trap allows mice to grab some of the bait without triggering the trap. 

Even with fixing some of the issues above, using traps as the only form of mouse control is rarely effective in eliminating a mouse infestation.

Call The Professionals To Completely Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home

Rather than waste your time with ineffective mouse traps or pesticides that may be toxic for kids and pets, you're better off calling the professionals at Celtic Pest Control about keeping mice away in your Reno home. With affordable service plans, excellent customer service, and effective solutions, we're the trusted choice for rodent management in Reno.

If you suspect you may have house mice, deer mice, or some other type of rodent, don't wait any longer – contact us today at Celtic Pest Control to learn more about how our rodent control program can benefit your Reno home.

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