Pest Control In Yerington, NV

Pest Control In Yerington, Nevada

A small town that serves as a perfect, calm place to raise a family or retire, surrounded by beautiful scenery and access to outdoor activities, Yerington is also considered one of the safest communities to live in around Nevada. And while crime may not be much of an issue, safety from pest infestations is another matter. The natural surroundings and access to outdoor recreational spots lead to Yerington being a hotspot for pest infestations, much to the dismay of many residents and business owners in the area.

Fortunately, at Celtic Pest Control, we provide the best Lyon County pest control you could ask for. Our technicians are highly experienced and skilled in determining the root sources of your pest infestations. We will work with you closely to develop treatment solutions that meet your pest control needs at an honest price. We also specialize in residential and commercial pest control plans, so we can help you reach an utterly pest-free state no matter your property type.

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Residential Pest Control In Yerington

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Your Yerington home deserves to be pest-free to live peacefully and without the stress of an unhygienic, damaging pest infestation taking place right under your nose. At Celtic Pest Control, our staff members are all highly dedicated to addressing any pest issue and returning your residency to the safe, comfortable space you expect it to be. 

Some of our specialties for homes in Yerington include inspections for wood-destroying insects, general pest control for spiders, ants, beetles, and cockroaches, and treatment for rodents and bed bugs. We pride ourselves on providing efficient services at sincere prices. You don’t need to worry about getting more than you need to eliminate an active pest infestation and keep your home protected.

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Commercial Pest Control In Yerington

A pest infestation in your commercial property can be a nightmare for Yerington property owners, thanks to the unhygienic conditions and destructions that all pest types can bring. Plus, a sighting of pests in your business can significantly ruin your reputation in the Yerington community, which is difficult to regain once lost.

To protect your commercial property from the many negative consequences of pest invasions, you should be investing in the help of our technicians at Celtic Pest Control. With our extensive experience in addressing pest infestations in commercial properties, we can quickly identify the source of your problem and develop customized commercial pest control solutions to treat it effectively and promptly.

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How To Tell If Your Yerington Property Has A Termite Problem

A termite problem on your Yerington property will likely go undetected, but this can be dangerous over time. You can look for these early warning signs of a termite infestation to tell if your property has a problem and to take steps that prevent significant termite damage:

  • You see pinpoint holes in drywall or baseboards.
  • Mud tubes are outside or inside your property or along the foundation of your property.
  • You see termites or discarded wings from reproductive swarmer termites around your property.
  • You hear rustling or clicking noises in the walls, especially at nighttime.
  • Windows and doors start to become tight-fitting, or you notice other visibly damaged wooden areas around your home.

It would be best if you met any of these signs with immediate professional attention. At Celtic Pest Control, we can help you determine the scale of your termite problem and provide you with tailored  solutions to eliminate this pest around your property.

Treating Termites In Yerington Is Trickier Than You May Think

Removing termite infestations from your Yerington property may be more complicated than you think. Termite infestations often go undetected for long periods as termites silently invade the internal wooden structures of your property; most homeowners only notice damage when the infestation has gone on long enough that you can see visual destruction.

Additionally, termites can be hard to treat because of how deep they tend to infiltrate your home. No amount of DIY or store-bought termite control method will typically penetrate these hard-to-reach areas far enough to remove the root cause of your infestation. Plus, you will likely need to treat the outside of your property to stop reinfestations from taking place.

To avoid termite damage and ensure that your Yerington property stays protected from termites, you should contact us at Celtic Pest Control for routine inspections and at the first sign of any termite problem. 

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