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The neighborhood of West Reno is situated along the highway 80 corridor, which means that its residents have access to the center of the city and beyond. As part of this major city, West Reno is home to parks, views of the Truckee River, local dive bars, walking trails, and inviting neighborhoods. While life in West Reno might provide a respite from the main action of the city, pest problems are common for local businesses and homes.

At Celtic Pest Control, we have the solutions for your pest control needs. As a locally owned business, we aim to provide five-star Douglas County pest control at each visit. Our high-quality services employ only eco-friendly products and customized approaches, and each service we provide is designed to be budget-conscious. To get each of our potential customers started, we offer free, no-obligation estimates and evaluations! Call us today for more information on how professional pest control can protect your property.

Residential Pest Control In West Reno

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When pests invade your West Reno home, it can feel like a breach of trust and at Celtic Pest Control, we work to make sure that this scenario never happens. We are a locally owned company that is dedicated to serving our community with excellence. With an extensive background in local pest behavior, we have all of the knowledge and firsthand experience that’s needed in order to tackle your pest problems.

Our process begins with a free evaluation and estimate in order to determine the scope of your pest concerns. This also allows us to build a treatment plan that will be suited to your specific needs. We perform de-webbing and wasp nest removal as part of this process and all of the products that we use inside and outside are eco-friendly. In addition to our general pest control offerings, we give customers the option of specialized treatments for fungus, termites, bed bugs, vents, and more.

To learn about all of our residential pest control services in West Reno, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In West Reno

As a West Reno business, you can’t run the risk of developing a pest problem, which is why Celtic Pest Control is here to help. We are a team of highly skilled pest control specialists who are ready to meet your needs. Our company is locally owned and operated so we understand the conditions and pests that we treat unlike anyone else. When you partner with us, you can expect comprehensive property inspections at every visit, thorough treatments that use only eco-friendly products, and a service schedule that will keep pests away without interruption. Given our background, we’re able to work with restaurants, warehouses, offices, retail, and more. We also have the capability to address common nuisance pests like ants and spiders as well as unique issues like termites, weeds, bed bugs, and cockroaches.

For more information on the benefits of commercial pest control in West Reno, please call us today.

Why Termites Are A Year-Round Concern For West Reno Residents

Whether West Reno residents are experiencing issues with subterranean, drywood, or other species of termite, these pests can easily become a year-round concern. To start, termites seek warm conditions to begin their invasion. While some locales throughout the country experience seasons that are significantly cooler than others, for Nevada residents, the entire year produces a significant amount of warmth.

Once a termite infestation in West Reno has gotten underway, these pests do not stop eating away at wood. It’s their main source of sustenance and they are able to nibble away 24 hours a day. When the termite colony is at its maximum capacity, termite swarmers will leave their home in search of a place to start a new one. This starts the process all over again.

At Celtic Pest Control, we are the area’s trusted termite experts. We provide comprehensive termite inspections, pre-construction treatments, Wood-Destroying Insect Reports, as well as customized solutions for each individual termite infestation. For more information on West Reno termite control services, contact us today.

A Helpful Guide To Effective Wasp Control For West Reno Property Owners

Wasps become a problem for West Reno property owners primarily once temperatures begin to warm; however, they have little incentive to ever leave because of the conditions that the area is home to. Here are a few effective ways that residents can avoid these aggressive pests:

  • Use paper lanterns or blown-up brown paper bags around yards to mimic wasp nests. 
  • Clean up any fruits that may have fallen from their tree, especially if they’re rotting. 
  • Opt for unscented personal products like shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent. It’s also important to avoid wearing perfume. 
  • During parties and outdoor gatherings always cover food completely, clean up spills, and don’t allow trash to overflow. Using a garbage bin with a lid is ideal.
  • Remove wasp nests, whether they’re active or old, as wasps use these to determine the viability of a property. 
  • Seek professional assistance from a trusted pest company. 

For more information on reliable wasp control, please contact Celtic Pest Control today.

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