Pest Control In Verdi, NV

Pest Control In Verdi, NV

At Celtic Pest Control, we see a wide range of pests. Most are just a nuisance. But, as you're well aware, you have to be cautious about certain pests in Verdi, Nevada. Some sting, some bite, and some can make you sick when they get inside. Let's look at how Washoe County pest control works to keep pests out and discuss two pests that are considered a health threat in different ways.

Residential Pest Control In Verdi

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Most pests have to pass over the perimeter around your home to get inside. When you have year-round pest control for your home, perimeter pest protection is often included. Here are a few ways perimeter pest protection works to stop pests in their tracks.

  • Your technician will perform an inspection of your perimeter during service visits. If wasps' nests are found, they're dealt with quickly.
  • Your technician will look for spider webs and remove them. Doing this deters spiders from creating webs on your home and has the side benefits of potentially removing hundreds of spider eggs.
  • Your technician will seal gaps to create a physical barrier.
  • Your technician will provide treatments such as crack and crevice, mosquito misting, and granular applications. Crack and crevice treatments bolster your defenses and prevent insects from accessing tiny entry points. Mosquito misting treatments remove adult mosquitoes and deter mosquito activity. Granular applications provide residual control between visits as they are activated every time it rains.

These are just some of the many ways your residential pest control technician creates a barrier to stop outdoor critters from becoming indoor pests. When you have routine visits throughout the year, your home is never without protection.

Commercial Pest Control In Verdi

Perimeter pest control is essential for keeping commercial environments pest free. The exterior pest control provided by your commercial specialist during routine service visits will target the pests that concern you.

  • Sanitation will be considered and suggestions will be made to remove attractants and potential breeding sites.
  • Exclusions will be applied to make it more difficult for pests to get inside.
  • Spider webs will be removed to reduce spider populations and deter spider web creation.
  • Baits will be applied to eliminate insect colonies and reduce populations.
  • Rodent trapping and monitoring are maintained to keep mice and rats from getting inside.
  • Perimeter treatments are applied to give your exterior extra protection.
  • You'll also receive appropriate interior pest control to monitor pest activity and guard against health concerns and property damage.

If you need assistance establishing a commercial pest control program for your Verdi business, reach out to us here at Celtic Pest Control. We have the solutions that will get the results you want.

Answering Verdi's Most Frequently Asked Scorpion Questions

Scorpions are a stinging hazard, so it isn't surprising that we get a lot of questions about them. Let's take a look at just a few of those questions and consider some important facts about scorpions in Verdi.

What is the most common pest scorpion in Verdi? It is the striped bark scorpion. 

Why are bark scorpions in my house? The striped bark scorpion climbs trees and gets underneath bark. It is well suited for scaling walls and getting in through cracks. It is possible to keep them out by sealing exterior entry points and by altering conditions around your home that attract scorpions.

Are bark scorpions dangerous? It is unpleasant to be stung by a striped bark scorpion but, in most cases, it is not a medical concern. If you experience symptoms beyond localized pain or numbness, seek medical assistance.

What is the best way to keep scorpions out? Ongoing pest maintenance is the best way to keep any pest out of your home. There are many ways you can perform pest maintenance, such as removing debris, reducing moisture, controlling scorpion food sources, and sealing entry points. You may also contact Celtic Pest Control for year-round scorpion control service for your home.  

Most scorpions won't be an issue if you use caution when working in your yard and when moving items in your yard. Bark scorpions are the most troublesome because they commonly get inside structures. 

Having Cockroaches In Your Verdi Home Is Worse Than You May Think

Cockroaches are unhygienic pests. They feed on unspeakable things and get into places you would never go. Their diet and behavior patterns make them a threat to human health. Cockroaches are linked to more than 33 kinds of bacterial illness, at least six parasitic worms, and more than seven human pathogens. They are also a significant factor in the cause of serious asthma symptoms. It has been found that hospitalizations increase in homes that have cockroach infestations. It is best to do everything you can to keep cockroaches out.

If you are in Verdi, Nevada, reach out to us here at Celtic Pest Control for help with cockroach control and management. We can guide you toward the right solutions for your specific needs, and also for your specific budget.  

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