Pest Control In Stateline, NV

Pest Control In Stateline, NV

Sitting on the southeastern shore of Lake Tahoe sits Stateline, NV, aptly named for its proximity to the state line between California and Nevada. Though this census-designated place only has about 1,000 full-time residents, the plethora of outdoor activities and availability for rental accommodations brings in a swell of tourists during the summer and winter seasons. During these times, Douglas County pest control needs also rise. At Celtic Pest Control, we keep Stateline, NV safe, secure, and pest-free, no matter the season. Read on to learn how.

Residential Pest Control In Stateline

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When it comes to keeping your home secure and safe from pests, you deserve a pest control company that understands the importance of maintaining a healthy home and of all the possible pest infestations that might pop up in Stateline. At Celtic Pest Control, our residential pest control treatments are implemented by highly-trained technicians who have been dealing with Douglas County pests for many years. When you partner with us for your pest control needs, your technician will:

  • Complete a thorough inspection of your home's interior and exterior.
  • Develop a treatment plan based on the information gathered in the assessment.
  • Perform follow-up services customized to your needs to keep your home pest-free.

Our residential pest control services are 100% customized to fit your specific needs because treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Additionally, we work with you to implement prevention strategies to keep pests out of your home long after treatment.

If pests are moving into your home, let us help you evict these unwanted tenets in a timely fashion. Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Commercial Pest Control In Stateline

As a fellow local business, we understand the stress that sometimes comes with keeping an operation flowing smoothly. When pests invade, the problem can be complex and could cause severe damage to your reputation, property, and patrons. During your time of need, trust Celtic Pest Control's commercial pest control services. As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we have the experience needed to efficiently deal with your pest problem, no matter how severe it may be. Following the same robust formula as we do for our residential clients, we serve:

  • Retail spaces
  • Medical and veterinary offices
  • Daycares
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants 

Celtic Pest Control takes its commitment to the health and safety of the Stateline community seriously. Our commercial pest control services use eco-friendly treatments that use less-toxic chemicals than the treatments anyone can buy from the store. These products, which should only be used by licensed technicians, are safe for humans and their beloved pets. They are also much more effective at eliminating pests. 

Your business, employees, and patrons deserve the very best to protect their health and well-being. Give us a call for assistance today.

Stateline's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

There's this myth that only 'dirty' homes are at risk of a cockroach infestation. But truthfully, all homes could wind up with roaches. This is because cockroaches are opportunistic pests, and if you have certain conditions, you are more likely to see these pests move in. Below are some ways you can start proofing your home from cockroaches:

  • Properly store food: Start by going through your pantries and putting all food in containers that can't be chewed through. Ditch the cardboard boxes, as cockroaches will easily tear through them and provide them with an endless buffet.
  • Cleaning food messes: A cockroach infestation can occur even if you have only missed a few food stains or haven't swept up crumbs. Little messes like these add up over time, and cockroaches find this appealing. Ensuring you have thoroughly cleaned up food messes when they occur lessens that appeal.
  • Take the trash out regularly: An overflowing garbage is a cockroach's favorite thing. Be sure you take the trash out of your home and clean up any waste around the yard.

Celtic Pest Control technicians will pinpoint the conducive conditions that make your home especially appealing to cockroaches and implement prevention strategies to keep them out of your home. We want to help you get ahead of the roaches. Contact us for an inspection. 

Five Things You Didn't Know About Pavement Ants In Stateline

One of the most common reasons people seek professional ant pest control is because of pavement ants. Pavement ants are widespread and can quickly take over your yard, walkway, driveway, and home. Below are five things you may not know about these common pests:

  1. They eat almost anything: One of the reasons they are so populous is because they are known to eat virtually anything, including bread, meats, nuts, cheese, other insects, and seeds.
  2. They travel for food: Pavement ants tend to wander about 30 feet away from their colony to search for food, so you might find them in your home or close to it.
  3. Why they are called 'pavement ants': These ants got their name from their tendency to nest in ground-level masonry walls or under the pavement.
  4. Tree branches can aid them in accessing your home: A common way that pavement ants get into your home is because the ants crawl along a tree branch until they are inside your house.
  5. They can contaminate surfaces: Their tendency to crawl across your countertops and other places you prepare food can lead to the spread of harmful pathogens.

For complete ant pest control that keeps the pavement ants out of your home and under control in your yard, call Celtic Pest Control!

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