Pest Control In Silver Springs, NV

Pest Control In Silver Springs, NV

At the heart of pest control is the pest evaluation process. It is essential to properly identify the pest(s) you're dealing with so that appropriate measures can be taken. It is also important to evaluate the conditions in and around the structures on your property to get the best results from your pest maintenance. We help you with both. We offer free pest lab evaluations and full structure evaluations. If you don't know what pest(s) you're dealing with, you can bring a sample in for our experts to identify. We provide this service absolutely free. When you request service, we do a full structure evaluation. A complete evaluation provides the groundwork to establish effective and sustainable pest management for your home or business. If you've considered looking into Lyon County pest control to address a pest problem in Silver Springs, here are some reasons to go with a company that emphasizes evaluations.

Residential Pest Control In Silver Springs

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Pest control is a scientific process. During the evaluation process, your technician will take into consideration several factors.

  • Conducive conditions. Pests are attracted to many things. They can be drawn to moisture, wood rot, poor sanitation, available food sources, and many other conditions. If these conditions can be addressed, doing so will create the first layer of pest protection.
  • Entry points. Sealing gaps, cracks, and holes and replacing protective materials, such as weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens works to create a physical barrier.
  • Routes. There are many routes pests can take to get into a home. Your technician will look for activity in these common areas.
  • Harborage. If pests have established themselves, it is often necessary to target nests. An evaluation begins the process of ongoing residential pest control to address nests early and remove them.

An evaluation is essential for the establishment of a quality pest control plan that includes many all-natural control methods. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to us. The service team here at Celtic Pest Control is always standing ready to assist you. 

Commercial Pest Control In Silver Springs

Pests present a greater threat in a commercial environment than they do in a residential environment. They don't just damage property and cause sickness, they can impact the financial health of a business in a wide range of ways. An evaluation of your business is essential. While there are some commonalities in each industry, no two businesses are exactly the same. At Celtic Pest Control, we guide our commercial customers toward customized commercial pest control plans that address trouble spots found during the initial site evaluation. We build off this foundation.

Three Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Silver Springs Kitchen

It can be startling when you find thousands of ants crawling around inside your home. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways that you may be able to get rid of those ants.

  1. Clean. Doing this may be all that is necessary. Often, ant infestations occur when a food source is found. Clean up a spill under the refrigerator. Clean a moist spot left by a garbage bag that was set next to an exterior door. Clean shelves or cabinets. Clean the grime on the sides of your oven. If the ants came in from an outside nest, they can be significantly deterred by simply cleaning your kitchen.
  2. Seal exterior entry points. Most ant species don't create holes in order to get into a home. They use openings that are available. Fill in exterior holes. Seal gaps. Replace weatherstripping. Steps like these create a physical barrier for ants and other pests.
  3. Contact a professional. A pest control technician will evaluate your ant problem, track routes the ants are following, catalog conducive conditions, and select appropriate methods and products to address ant infestations.

If you have a problem with ants in your Silver Springs kitchen, keep us in mind. The service team here at Celtic Pest Control uses industry-leading ant control solutions to arrest ant infestations and keep ants out.  

The Dangerous Spiders Of Silver Springs

There are two kinds of spiders in the United States that are of medical importance. They are widow and recluse spiders. In Silver Springs, we have black widows, brown widows, and desert recluse spiders. All of these spiders prefer to be near the ground and create webs that are near the ground. If you find a web created by a black or brown widow, you'll notice that the strands are strong. You may also see the widow spider hanging in the middle of her web. A widow spider can be identified by a red or orange hourglass shape on the bottom of the abdomen. A desert recluse can be identified by the famous violin mark on its back. You'll have to look closely to see this mark because the body of a desert recluse spider is very small. 

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