Pest Control In Dayton, NV

Pest Control In Dayton, NV

Behind most pest control problems is a conducive condition. When you contact Lyon County pest control, you get connected to a licensed technician trained in uncovering these conducive conditions. Let's take a look at a few examples.

Residential Pest Control In Dayton

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There are many ways your home can provide conducive conditions for pest infestation. Some are fairly straightforward. Others are not quite so simple to understand.

  • If you have an unprotected crawl space, moisture and fungus can attract many pests to this zone. Crawl space water abatement, vapor barriers, and ventilation can prevent pest activity in this zone. 
  • If you forget to put the trash out to the curb and your trash sits for a week, your receptacles can start to be a little stinky. That smell is unpleasant for you but is highly attractive to certain pests. Cleaning a trash receptacle can reduce this odor that increases pest activity near your home. A licensed professional may treat receptacles and the area where you keep your receptacles to deter pest activity or suggest removal of organic matter that is providing a breeding site.
  • If you put a stack of cardboard outside near your door and it is placed so that a portion is touching grass or soil, it may be found by subterranean termites. Cardboard is like ice cream for termites. A pest professional can evaluate termite food sources and remove them. Along with this, a pest professional will perform an inspection and look for other conducive conditions and warning signs.   
  • If you have gaps around pipes or wire conduits that enter into your home, these allow pest entry. A technician may apply caulking material to seal these gaps and treat the area to provide complete protection.

Do you see how it works? There are many ways you can address conducive conditions such as food attractants, breeding sites, entry points, and sources of moisture. Licensed residential pest control professionals are trained to tackle the tasks required to remove conducive conditions and/or protect areas where conducive conditions have not yet been addressed.

Commercial Pest Control In Dayton

When bugs and rodents come onto your property, they're going to look for food sources, water, moisture, unclean areas, hiding places, and potential nesting sites. A commercial specialist evaluates all of the conducive conditions on and inside your business. The data collected is used to develop a customized plan that utilizes industry-leading methods and products to target the source of pest problems.

  • Objects on your property may invite a rodent problem. Mice and rats have poor eyesight and must use objects to help them navigate. Your technician may suggest removing certain objects. If objects can't be moved, a trapping and monitoring program can be set up to target rodents in key areas and along routes they are known to use.
  • Flies can come right in through an open door. The solution for this is sometimes as simple as moving a trash receptacle or dumpster away from exterior doors.
  • Pests get into your business through available entry points. Your technician will alert you to damaged weatherstripping, door sweeps, screens, and damaged seals around windows, doors, and foundation penetrations. Your technician will also work with you to fix these issues.
  • A fungus problem or moisture issue in a structure can lead to a pest control nightmare for a business. Pest control companies that offer fungus treatments, vapor barriers, crawl space and attic vent installation, and water abatement in crawl spaces provide systematic and long-lasting protection from pests.

At Celtic Pest Control, we target the conducive conditions that lead to pest problems. Connect with us today for a complete commercial pest control evaluation for your Dayton business.

Three Simple Yet Effective Scorpion-Prevention Tips For Dayton Properties

Scorpions can come into your yard for no other reason than the fact that it is the next location to explore. But whether or not scorpions stay in your yard is somewhat up to you.

  • Remove yard clutter if you can. Scorpions hide underneath the objects in a yard.
  • Address moisture conditions. Scorpions are attracted to a home that has gutter issues. Clean your gutters and make repairs to reduce perimeter dampness.
  • Reduce insects. Scorpions eat insects. Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights to make your home less attractive to insects.

Simple steps like this can deter scorpions. For more control, contact Celtic Pest Control for year-round scorpion control service

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Dayton Home

There are certain pests that aren't attracted to your home by conducive conditions. Bed bugs are one of them. These pests get into your home by accident so pests like these can't be completely prevented. The best you can do is be alert and vigilant to catch bed bugs early. Perform inspections of sleeping accommodations while away from home and inspect your home routinely to catch trouble early. If you detect bed bugs in your home, contact Celtic Pest Control for bed bug remediation.

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