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Quality Pest Control In Churchill, Nevada

Residents and business owners in the Churchill, Nevada community undoubtedly want to stay safe from pests and enjoy everything this beautiful area offers. However, insects, rodents, and birds often have other ideas about this and will try their best to invade homes and businesses in the area whenever possible. Churchill County pest control provided by Celtic Pest Control is the best first step in combatting these potential pest problems.

At Celtic Pest Control, we are locally owned and operated and always strive to put the customer first. We care about your homes and businesses because we are also a part of the community, and we are determined to keep you safe from the troubles that pests bring. We tailor our pest control solutions to your needs, and we always make sure that you are totally satisfied with our treatments.

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Residential Pest Control In Churchill

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The safety of your home isn’t something to be taken lightly, which is why our technicians begin every residential pest control plan with an in-depth inspection of your property based on the initial conversation about your pest concerns. We use our discussion and the results of our inspection to create a perfectly customized treatment plan that meets your pest control needs.

During our inspection, we will also look for conditions conducive to pest infestation and help you address these problem areas, and give out pointers for fixing these issues, allowing our pest control solutions to be long-term and protect your home from pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Churchill

Commercial pest control in Churchill is one of our specialties, and we take it seriously. All of our technicians know how important it is to you that your business is kept safe from the dangers of pests, which is why we work closely with you throughout the pest control process to ensure we are meeting your every pest control need and concern. We service many businesses, including offices, warehouses, restaurants, retail areas, and medical or veterinary offices. We have the experience required to ensure that we meet every different commercial property in the area with tailored solutions.

We also work discretely and quickly in your business, treating your pest issues as efficiently as possible and not drawing attention to our work. We will help you eliminate active pest infestations and protect your property from future pests, all without destroying the reputation of your business.

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The Answers To Churchill's Most Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions

Scorpions are a confusing pest to many of Churchill’s residents, which is why we answer some of your most pressing questions about this arachnid:

  • Which scorpion species are in the Churchill area?: The most commonly encountered scorpion species in the area are the bark scorpion, the emperor scorpion, and the desert hairy scorpion.
  • Are scorpions dangerous?: Stings from this pest can cause pain and may be serious depending on the scorpion species, the age of the individual stung, and any preexisting allergic or medical conditions.
  • Why are scorpions attracted to my property?: Scorpions will start to appear on your property if there is an easy ample source of food, water, or shelter to be found there.
  • How can I keep scorpions out?: To keep scorpions off your property, you should limit the factors that attract them and seal potential entry points around windows, doors, and the foundation to ensure they stay out of interior areas.

If you need more help understanding scorpions or require assistance defeating an active infestation of scorpions around your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to Celtic Pest Control right away.

How Dangerous Are The Spiders In My Churchill Home?

Sightings of spiders around your Churchill home are no doubt frightening and enough to make you wonder whether the spiders you see invading are especially dangerous. Only two species are particularly notable for their venomous bites among the many spiders that can make their way into Churchill homes. These are cellar spiders, orb weavers, fishing spiders, harvestmen spiders, the black widow, and the brown recluse spider.

These spider species may be found in your Churchill home and can deliver bites that have serious consequences. You can identify the black widow spider by their round, shiny black bodies and red hourglass marking. You can identify brown recluse spiders by their brown coloration with dark brown violin-shaped markings on their backs.

While all spider infestations can be annoying and dealt with, an invasion of black widows or brown recluses warrants a call to our professionals at Celtic Pest Control. Reach out today for more spider control information.

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What Celtic Pest Control Customers Are Saying

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"My overall experience with your company was very good. They were on time and professional. They did good work and answered all questions we had. From the first point of contact with your company, we have had a good experience. Great customer service. We will use them in the future and highly recommend them!"

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