Pest Control In Carson City, NV

Pest Control In Carson City, NV

We have quite a selection of potential pests in Carson City. Some skitter across your stairs as you go inside. Some buzz around your trash receptacles. Some hide in your vegetation. If you look closely, your home or business is surrounded by potential pests. How on earth do you keep those pests out? Let's look at Carson City pest control and discuss some clever ways to manage pests before they become problematic.

Residential Pest Control In Carson City

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A licensed pest professional uses specialized knowledge to guard homes against household pests. During a home evaluation, your technician will consider a wide range of data to determine the best way to prevent pests. Here are some examples.

  • If you have stacked wood in your backyard or a pile of cardboard behind your shed, your technician knows that those are attractive to subterranean termites. Removing termite food sources can help prevent termite damage.
  • If you have spider webs on the exterior of your home, your technician is aware that those webs invite other spiders to create webs, and he also knows that removing webs will not only deter spiders, it also has the potential to reduce spider populations. A web can have an egg sac in it and an egg sac can contain hundreds of eggs. That's a lot of spiders waiting to hatch.
  • If you have clutter in your backyard, your technician knows that clutter provides harborage for many pests. Those objects will also help mice and rats easily navigate in your yard. Your technician may suggest objects that may be beneficial to remove, or he may apply a granular product, baits, traps, or some other treatment option to deter pest activity.
  • If a paper wasp nest is found during a routine inspection in the spring, it can be easily knocked down to prevent wasp activity throughout the summer.

These are only a small sample of methods a residential pest control professional will use to arrest pest activity around your home and prevent unwanted houseguests. The same methods can be used to guard businesses from pest infestations.  

Commercial Pest Control In Carson City

Most businesses have zero tolerance for pest activity. Natural pest management methods provide a foundation on which targeted commercial pest control can be applied. Together, they create a formidable barrier to keep pests out.

  • Your technician may apply caulking material to seal gaps around pipes and other foundation penetrations.
  • If your business has a crawl space, you may benefit from having a vapor barrier installed. Crawl spaces are attractive to a wide range of pests because they're humid and dark. A vapor barrier and ventilation can guard this sensitive zone.
  • Guidance in proper sanitation methods can make a big difference. Your technician may alert you to a dumpster or trash receptacle that is near an exterior door. Moving dumpsters or trash receptacles away from exterior doors can prevent flies from accidentally getting inside. Proper sanitation also makes it more difficult for pests to use garbage as breeding sites.

There are many natural methods that deter pests. Your commercial specialist will mix smart eco-friendly pest management with a targeted use of control products to achieve the best results possible.

Here's What Makes Carson City Cockroaches So Dangerous

You know that cockroaches get into garbage, sewers, compost heaps, and other dirty places. While this unsanitary behavior is how cockroaches become a health risk, it isn't entirely what makes them dangerous. Here are the factors that make cockroaches dangerous:

  • Roaches are survivors. When a cockroach is exposed to harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and pathogens that impact human health, they are nearly unaffected. For this reason, they can be mechanical vectors for these disease-causing organisms. 
  • Roaches are highly mobile. A cockroach can scale a wall and run across a ceiling. After being contaminated, it can quickly bring microorganisms into your home.
  • Roaches compact their bodies. A cockroach can fit through a gap one-third its height. This is another reason they are likely to bring contaminants inside.

Sanitation and exclusion work together to reduce the ability of cockroaches to pick up harmful microorganisms and bring them into your home. 

Everything You Need To Know About Rodents In Carson City

Long before a rodent finds its way into your home or business, there are steps you can take to naturally deter them.

  • Keep your grass trimmed to make rodents feel exposed.
  • Remove lawn clutter to make navigation across your property more difficult.
  • Remove bird feeders to get rid of a highly sought-after food source near your exterior.
  • Clean trash receptacles to reduce odors that attract mice and rats from a distance.
  • Use fencing material or have a professional install a vapor barrier to keep rodents out of voids and crawl spaces.
  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks, and holes.

When more control is needed for mice or rats, contact Celtic Pest Control for assistance. We offer industry-leading rodent control in Carson City. 

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