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A short trip to Reno or Carson City, the smaller community of Buckeye, provides the perfect spot for residents to settle down and raise families or enjoy day-to-day life. However, pest infestations can interrupt this daily enjoyment, creating a need for Douglas County pest control.

At Celtic Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being able to offer your Buckeye home or business all of the pest control treatments you would need. We customize all of our solutions to your property's requirements, and we provide follow-up treatments as needed to ensure that your structure is always protected from pests, no matter what.

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Residential Pest Control In Buckeye

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Insects and pests are dangerous visitors, and no Buckeye resident wants to deal with the stress and potential risks that an uncontrolled infestation can bring. Instead of struggling with DIY pest control around your home, avoid the dangers of pests and invest in effective and efficient residential pest control provided by our technicians at Celtic Pest Control.

Our technicians are highly experienced and able to provide you with tailored pest control solutions that meet your home's needs. We always start our treatment plans with a conversation between the homeowner and ourselves to understand your problems. Our initial inspection confirms these pest issues and narrows down conditions that may lead to reinfestation over time. Once we have all of this information gathered, we get to work using eco-friendly products that are safe for you, your pets, and your family.

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Commercial Pest Control In Buckeye

When it comes to keeping your commercial property safe from pests, Celtic Pest Control is the professional company you should trust. Our technicians are highly experienced and able to treat businesses such as office buildings, medical and veterinary offices, warehouses, restaurants, daycares, and retail establishments. All of our commercial pest control plans are tailored to your needs and the needs of your business, allowing us to provide you with the most effective pest control possible.

Our technicians will begin your treatment by completing an initial inspection of your property, which will allow us to identify active pest issues and conditions that may result in future pest problems. Then, we discuss these concerns with you and develop a treatment plan. Our treatment plan will include monthly or bi-monthly follow-up services as needed.

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The Answers To Buckeye's Most Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions

Scorpions can be a confusing pest for many Buckeye residents. We think it's important to answer any questions you might have regarding scorpions. After all, learning more about scorpions can help you keep this pest away from your property for good. Below are some commonly asked questions:

  • What types of scorpions are present in Buckeye? – Nevada is home to three main scorpion species: the bark scorpion, emperor scorpion, and desert hairy scorpion.
  • Are scorpions dangerous? – Yes, scorpion stings can be dangerous depending on the species, and all types of scorpions may cause allergic reactions. It is crucial to stay away from scorpions to avoid being stung.
  • Why are scorpions attracted to my property? – The main reasons that attract scorpions to your home are access to secluded crevices, pest prey, and moisture. These reasons are the main factors of an infestation. 
  • Can you prevent scorpion infestations? – Yes, we can protect your property from scorpion infestations using preventative tactics and with the help of professional pest control.

For more information on scorpions or to get started protecting your home from this potentially dangerous pest, contact Celtic Pest Control today.

How To Tell If Your Buckeye Home Has A Roach Problem

Cockroaches are among the worst pests to host in your Buckeye home, thanks to the many diseases these pests carry, their ability to infiltrate hard-to-reach areas, and their fast reproduction times. Keep a lookout for the warning signs below if you suspect that your home has contracted a roach problem.

  • You can find cockroaches in kitchens, bathrooms, food storage areas, and nearby appliances.
  • Cockroach droppings that look like tiny coffee grounds start to appear on surfaces, in cabinets, or on floors.
  • Unpleasant odors will begin to fill your home.
  • You see cockroach smear marks on walls, surfaces, or cabinets
  • If you see shed cockroach skins or egg sacks around your home.

Finding one or more of these signs around your property is a significant indicator of a cockroach problem. You should be contacting Celtic Pest Control for assistance identifying the culprit and eradicating it if you want to keep your home safe from the many risks that roaches present.

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