The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Reno Home

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Do you know that before the turn of the century entomologists were hard-pressed to find bed bugs in the United States? Well, they don't have to look very hard now. Bed bugs have returned with a vengeance. But while these insects are common now, they're still relatively new in terms of pest problems and there is a lot that people still don't know about them. Join us as we look at how to detect bed bugs and how to use bed bug control in Reno to address bed bugs when you find them in your home.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, you're going to know you have a problem, but you may not know that you have a bed bug problem. There are many insects that can bite you. When you're bitten by an insect, it can take hours, or even days, for the wound to swell and for a rash to appear. For this reason, some Reno residents think they have a bed bug infestation when they actually don't. The secret to figuring out whether or not your bites are being caused by bed bugs is to learn how bed bug bites look on the skin.

  • One bed bug will bite you multiple times—probably three times.
  • There is almost always a severe rash associated with bed bug bites.
  • Several bed bugs will leave many bites.
  • Bed bugs feed in the same area on the skin as a group.
  • Bed bugs move across the skin as they feed.
  • Bites may be minor at first but become worse as an infestation persists.

If you see multiple bumps in a rash and the bumps look like a path across your skin, it is likely that you have a bed bug infestation.

Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Some warning signs of a bed bug infestation are not easy to spot. You have to go looking for them. If you know how to check for bed bugs, not only will you find bed bugs in your home early, but you also may be able to prevent bed bugs from getting into your home in the first place. Here are signs to look (or smell) for during inspections.

  • Black fecal spots on pillowcases, sheets, bedding, and other fabrics.
  • Black streaks on bed frames, electronics, baseboards, and outlet covers.
  • Shed insect skins in seams, cracks, and compressed spaces.
  • Wiggly insect movement inside the recesses and gaps within your furniture.
  • Tiny white eggs in batches or as individuals.
  • The smell of bed bug pheromones. Some describe the scent of bed bugs as a musty locker room towel.

When you detect bed bugs while away from home, take precautions. Bed bugs don't live in your yard and come into your home from the outside. Home bed bug control is about preventing bed bugs from hitchhiking home with you.

Why It's Hard To Completely Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Okay. Now that you know how to detect bed bugs and the warning signs bed bugs provide, it's time to talk about how to treat bed bugs. But don't get your hopes up too high. We're also going to explain why it is hard to control bed bugs with these methods.

  • Heat can kill bed bugs in all stages of development, but you can't just buy a space heater and put it in a room that has bed bugs. All you'll do is drive the bugs into other parts of your home. There is one way we recommend using heat to deal with bed bugs. Put infested items through a 30-minute dryer cycle. This works great with clothing, certain bags, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Mattress encasements are often used by professionals. Unfortunately, encasements aren't enough on their own. Bed bugs may be in your bed frame, behind a baseboard, in your alarm clock, or some other location outside of your mattress or box spring.
  • Insecticides can be used to control bed bugs. There are many challenges to using insecticides. The most noteworthy issue is that bed bugs may be immune. These insects can develop a tolerance for products that are used to exterminate them.

Bed bug pest control in Reno is more about the process and less about the products. Pest management professionals apply products in a strict and controlled way to prevent bed bugs from evading treatments. It is also important to know where bed bugs hide. A professional is educated in the habits and habitats of bed bugs.

Call The Pros Right Away About Bed Bugs In Your House

If you detect bed bugs in your Reno home, contact Celtic Pest Control for assistance. It is likely to save you a whole lot of frustration. These insects have been living almost exclusively with humans since before written history. If they were easy to exterminate, there would be no bed bugs left in the world. Get expert control with eco-friendly pest treatment products for these expert pests. Reach out to us today.

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