Spider Control And Black Widows In Reno, NV

Spider Control And Black Widows At A Glance

  • We complete a detailed inspection of the exterior and interior of your home.
  • We offer home, garage and yard treatments that work against all types of spiders in Reno.
  • Ongoing spider control services are available to keep spiders away from your house and garage.
  • Customers with a monthly or bimonthly service agreement receive free re-treatments.

Learn more about our spider control services below.

Protect Your Reno Property From Nuisance And Dangerous Spiders

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Trying to fall asleep after seeing a spider lower itself from the ceiling above your head doesn’t give you the best feeling. Neither does pulling a box out of storage only to feel a sharp sting, then see a spider dash away. No matter what species of spiders have gotten into your home or business, you don’t want them around. Nuisance spiders may not be dangerous spiders, but they can still bite if they feel threatened. Venomous spiders, like black widows in Reno, can cause serious harm to the people they come into contact with.

Spiders in Nevada are prolific, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them living in your home or business. A spider infestation makes a space uncomfortable, can make the space messy due to spider webs, and can be a sign that you have other pest problems besides the spiders. That’s because spiders often move into an area when it provides a source of food. Since spiders feed primarily on insects, if you have a lot of spiders around, you likely have other pests around as well.

Regardless of what type of spider you have on your Reno property, Celtic Pest Control can get rid of spiders. We offer high-quality, effective spider control services to eliminate the spiders already on your property and prevent new infestations from happening.

Celtic Pest Control’s Spider Control Service

Identifying where spiders are active and spending the most time on your property, as well as determining what conditions are responsible or are contributing factors to your spider problem, is the first step in stopping your spider infestation. One of Celtic Pest Control’s trained professionals will visit your property to perform a detailed inspection. Outside we’ll look around the following areas:

  • The exterior of your house or commercial structure
  • Your garage
  • Fencelines
  • Sheds
  • Other outbuildings

We’ll then move to the interior of your home or business to inspect inside and look in your crawl space if necessary. Our inspections are free of charge. Simply contact Celtic Pest Control to request a spider inspection to get started.

After our inspection, we’ll begin our treatment. We offer home and yard treatments for spiders to make sure your property has full protection against these pests. We use chemical and granular products during our spider control process. We use different products in different areas to ensure the most effective results.

Immediately around your house, we’ll create a protective barrier that spiders can’t get through. We do this by treating all of the following areas:

  • Around the base of your home
  • Around doors
  • Around windows
  • Along the eaves of your house

We also treat these additional areas around your house:

  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Yards

Our spider control services are available on a one-time or recurring basis. If you are concerned about spiders returning to your property and want to make sure to keep spiders away, it makes sense to have recurring treatments to ensure a spider-free home or business. For most properties, bimonthly services do the trick. We’ll set you up with a service agreement and will return to your property every other month to re-treat it. We also offer quarterly and monthly service agreements if one of those treatment frequencies better meets your needs.

If you choose to go with a monthly or bimonthly service agreement, you will also receive our spider-free guarantee. We will take care of any spider control issues on your property at no additional cost to you.

Finding a spider in your house every now and then is not uncommon. Repeatedly finding spiders in your house is a cause for concern. If there are spiders in your Reno home or business, or if you have a lot of spiders building webs on your porch or deck, it’s time to do something to get rid of them.

Celtic Pest Control is Reno’s experienced and local pest control company. Using eco-friendly products, we offer solutions to all of your spider control problems. Whether you want a one-time service to wipe out the spiders around your house or are looking for recurring services that protect your property year-round, we can help! Using the information we find during your free inspection, we’ll customize a treatment plan for your property so that you receive the spider pest control in Reno you need. Knowing Celtic means no pests! Contact us today to get started.

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