Roaches In Reno Can Be Relentless Once Inside Your Restaurant

The best way to deal with cockroaches is to not let them inside your restaurant. When you work hard to do this, you don't have to worry about how relentless they can be once they get inside. If you already have an infestation, cockroach identification is essential. You can drive certain cockroaches out of your business by using two simple methods. Join us as we look at these two methods for driving roaches out, six tips to help you keep these dirty pests out, and where commercial pest control in Reno fits into the picture.  

What To Do About Roaches In Your Restaurant

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Do you already have a cockroach infestation in your restaurant? Do you know if the roaches are German cockroaches? It is critical to determine this if you can. German cockroaches aren't like other pest roaches. They do well inside structures and adapt well to dry conditions and food scarcity. Other pest roaches don't do so well indoors. If you address moisture and remove food options, certain cockroaches may decide to leave on their own. Let's look at two common cockroach pests that can be impacted in this way.

American cockroaches are notorious. They are the large, chestnut-colored cockroaches with the yellowish figure eight on their backs. These roaches are often called palmetto bugs because they hide underneath palmetto fronds and other leaf litter. What's in a name? Quite a lot, actually. American cockroaches hide underneath palmetto fronds to hide from the drying effects of the sun. If you have these roaches in your restaurant, your job is to convince them that it is drier indoors than outside in damp, shaded areas.

Oriental cockroaches are common pests. They are the black roaches. These roaches are often called waterbugs. Being a bug that likes water, you can bet these roaches won't do well inside your kitchen. You may not have to work hard to convince these roaches to leave. But, once they're back outside, you need to keep them out. Oriental cockroaches are known for going in and out of structures, which makes them a high risk for contamination of foods and surfaces.

If you have Oriental cockroaches or American cockroaches getting into your kitchen, it is possible to correct this problem with the following natural methods.

  • Fix leaking faucets, garbage disposals, and other plumbing issues.
  • Make sure you have proper ventilation so that moisture is removed.
  • Make sure everything is dry when you leave for the night. 
  • Clean your entire restaurant to remove food debris.
  • Deep clean carpets to remove grease or oil.
  • Deep clean the sides of ovens and areas where grease or oil splatter.
  • Clean underneath kitchen equipment to remove any areas where juices have dried.
  • Remove all trash and remove odors from receptacles.
  • Lay down sticky traps to monitor cockroach activity in tight spaces and dark voids.

Monitor the problem and make sure your moisture control and sanitation efforts are getting the job done. If you continue to see evidence of cockroach activity, you might have higher than normal cockroach pressures outside or vulnerabilities in your exterior.

Let's go back to those German cockroaches. What can you do about them? While it is wise to get professional restaurant pest control to deal with all roach infestations, it is particularly important when addressing German cockroaches. These roaches require the use of cockroach control products and these are best applied by a licensed applicator.

In all cases, you'll benefit from having a professional handle your cockroach problems. Pest control technicians do more than apply products, they use a multi-pronged strategy that includes inspections, treatments, and evaluations.            

The Problems Roaches Can Cause In Your Restaurant

As you set your mind to what you should do about roaches, keep in mind all of the many ways these pests can threaten your business. Disgruntled patrons and bad reviews are only the beginning of cockroach troubles. When health inspectors find cockroaches, it can lead to an increased number of inspections and repercussions for not correcting the issue. At best, it is frustrating to have to deal with frequent inspections. At worst, you may have to close your doors. On top of all this, media outlets may label your establishment as dirty dining and you may have to work for years to get out from underneath this label. It isn't worth taking the risk when getting a commercial pest control plan is easy and not nearly as expensive as you might think. Contact Celtic Pest Control if you're in Reno. We can guide you toward a solution that won't break your budget.  

Six Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Pest Free

We have good news for you if you don't have cockroaches in your restaurant yet. There are many ways you can work to keep cockroaches out. If you don't mind rolling your sleeves up, these all-natural tips may keep roaches out permanently.

1. Exclusion Work: Cockroaches get inside restaurants because they can. If you make it harder for them to get inside, they may not try. 

  • Fill in holes and gaps with expanding foam or caulking material.
  • Replace any screens that are damaged.
  • Replace weatherstripping around exterior doors if you're able to see light coming in from the outside.
  • Make sure all exterior doors have door sweeps.
  • Make sure all ventilation exists are capped.
  • Use a foundation repair kit to seal cracks in your foundation.

2. Yard Work: Cockroaches hide under leaf litter, dead branches, and other organic debris. When you remove these hiding places, you have fewer cockroaches exploring your exterior for entry points.

  • Blow leaves out of landscaping and out from underneath  exterior structures. Rake the leaves up and bag them. Store bags away from your exterior or remove them from your property.
  • Pick up branches and store them in a bin. Doing this will keep them off the ground.
  • Remove stacked wood and other wood sources.
  • Remove yard clutter. 

3. Trash Management. The scent of rotting organic matter can attract cockroaches from a distance. When roaches come to explore dumpsters or trash receptacles, they can explore your exterior.

  • Keep bagged trash in covered containers.
  • Keep trash receptacles free of strong odors.
  • Store trash away from your exterior.
  • Make sure trash is removed from your property routinely.

4. Sanitation. Cockroaches are unsanitary insects. Dirty things attract them to the exterior of your business.

  • Remove any piles of cardboard. Cockroaches eat paper, particularly if it is moist and has food juices on it.
  • Don't leave dirty mops out to dry.
  • Put all trash items securely in covered receptacles. 

5. Moisture Control. A damp perimeter is inviting to a cockroach. Even German cockroaches will want to explore the exterior of your business if it is damp or humid.

  • Clean gutters and address any breaks in your gutter system to prevent ground saturation near your business.
  • Remove objects that capture rainwater.
  • Repair any leaking pipes.

6. Landscape Management. Along with moisture control, you should remove conditions that trap moisture in your landscaping.

  • Remove weeds and unwanted grass from your landscaping.
  • Trim vegetation so that the wind is able to move through your landscaping and keep your plants dry.
  • Water your landscaping in the morning to allow plenty of time for things to dry up before nighttime when cockroaches are active.

Cockroaches are motivated by the scent of potential food sources as they climb around in stacked objects, moist habitats, and dirty places. When you remove the conditions that attract these insects, and remove entry points they can use to get inside, you can significantly reduce your chances of having a cockroach infestation.

Commercial Pest Control In Reno You Can Trust

When you contact Celtic Pest Control, you get added protection on top of what you've already done, or critical protection if you have vulnerabilities that you're not able to address. We evaluate the conditions around your business and share our findings with you. We use this data to work with you in selecting a commercial pest control plan that targets your vulnerabilities. Your service may include some or all of the following:

  • Granular treatments to stop cockroaches before they explore your exterior
  • A liquid crack and crevice treatment all the way around the structures if possible
  • An application of baits and traps to monitor cockroach activity and reduce cockroach populations
  • Exclusion work in key areas to create physical barriers
  • Indoor applications to repel cockroaches that find their way indoors
  • Targeted cockroach treatments indoors to arrest any activity found
  • Ongoing recommendations to help you and your employees prevent cockroach problems

We offer a layered approach. There is no magic bullet for cockroach control. These insects relentlessly apply pressure to your exterior. When you have a protective pest control barrier, you keep those relentless cockroaches outside where they belong.

Do you have questions or would you like to schedule a service visit and speak with one of our commercial pest control technicians? Reach out to us today. We look forward to assisting you.     

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