Why Professional Squirrel Control In Sparks Is Worth It

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If you hear strange noises in the attic or scratching sounds at night, you might guess you have rodents like mice or rats. One rodent that doesn't always immediately come to mind is the squirrel, but some species do find their way inside houses. Squirrels typically enter houses searching for shelter if the weather conditions aren't favorable. If your home provides for their needs, they may not be looking for a way out anytime soon.

If squirrels are wreaking havoc around your home, it is time to take action. This article will explain more about the types of squirrels Sparks pest control companies find on properties. We will also review the significant problems they can cause homeowners and the most effective way to control squirrels on your property from the pros at Celtic Pest Control.

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Sparks Yards

Most people have seen a squirrel running around at some point; they are small to medium-sized rodents with slender bodies, bushy tails, and large eyes. There are many types of squirrels in our area, but they all fall within three categories, ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. Because flying squirrels are elusive and rarely enter homes, we will focus on the remaining two types.

As their names suggest, tree squirrels nest high in trees, and ground squirrels dig in the ground to create burrows. Ground squirrels are generally larger than tree squirrels, usually growing up to nearly 30 inches, while tree squirrels can grow up to 20 inches.

The simplest way to differentiate these squirrels is their behavior when they are startled. A tree squirrel typically runs up a tree when surprised, and a ground squirrel runs for an underground burrow. 

Correctly identifying the type of squirrel on your property is necessary to determine the best treatment. Working with a company, such as Celtic Pest Control, that provides squirrel pest control is the simplest way to identify and remove these rodents.

The Many, Many Problems Squirrels Cause

Ground squirrels and tree squirrels can cause many problems in the yard and even more inside the house when they get in. Tree squirrels are more likely to infest homes, but ground squirrels will sometimes get in as well.

Here are just a few of the issues these rodents can cause:

  • Ground squirrels dig burrows under houses that span up to 30 feet, with multiple exits for each squirrel.
  • Ground squirrels damage healthy lawns, flower beds, and gardens with burrows.
  • Outside, tree squirrels will damage electrical and telephone cables.
  • Squirrels will create holes in siding and remove shingles from roofs to enter homes.
  • Inside homes, squirrels damage heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Squirrels cause damage to insulation and will also chew wires, creating a fire hazard.

Squirrels are not typically aggressive, but wild animals will attack if they feel threatened or trapped. The safest way to remove squirrels from your home is to contact the professionals at Celtic Pest Control for reliable rodent control in Sparks.

Why Getting Rid Of Squirrels On Your Own Is Difficult

Do-it-yourself squirrel control is never a good plan. Some of the troubles people have include:

  • Determining how wild animals enter your home, especially squirrels, is difficult because they are so adept at climbing.
  • Different species require different squirrel control methods.
  • Trying to use traps or bait can endanger other animals, including pets.
  • Squirrels carry diseases that can harm people, including tularemia and ringworm.
  • They will bite and scratch if disturbed or scared.
  • To successfully eliminate squirrels, you will need to determine what attracts them in the first place, which can be difficult without the help of a professional pest control company.

Squirrels are challenging animals to control, and it is safest to work with the pros. Contact us at Celtic Pest Control for assistance with your squirrel problem.

Call Celtic Pest Control For Professional Squirrel Control In Sparks

The safest and most effective way to deal with this pest is to team up with a local company that offers pest control for squirrels. The technicians at Celtic Pest Control understand what it takes to get rid of nuisance squirrels on your property. We can evaluate your home, determine entry points, and devise a plan to eliminate these pests from your property.

Getting rid of squirrels causing problems on your property will protect your Sparks home and landscape from the damage they can cause. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation evaluation and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Sparks.

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