What To Do About Boxelder Bugs Around Your Reno Yard

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Boxelder bugs. If you know about them, you realize how big a problem they are when they invade properties. They are difficult to forget once you've seen them because they have rather distinct markings and usually infest in large numbers. If boxelder bugs in Reno are causing a problem for you and your family, you might be wondering how to remove them the easy way.

Learn more about boxelder bugs and how to remove them with assistance from residential pest control experts at Celtic Pest Control

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are a true bug common in the United States, especially in the western states. They live on many different types of trees, and they are mostly nuisance pests. They aren't known to spread any diseases and don't sting or bite, but this doesn't mean that they aren't a pain around your property. They emerge in the spring and summer in large populations, so they are challenging to remove.

 Once it gets cold again, they often congregate near buildings to find a place to overwinter. So, they can be a problem throughout the year.

You can identify boxelder bugs by their black bodies and wings lined with red vein patterns. The nymphs, however, are mostly all red.

Do Boxelder Trees Attract Box Elder Bugs?

As their name suggests, boxelder bugs often live on boxelder trees, but they can infest other tree varieties, such as maple and ash. But, even if you don't have any of these trees around your home, boxelder bugs could live on nearby properties and spill over into your yard. 

They could also have been overwintering in your home already. In this case, you'll see them around your doors and windows. While they aren't going to harm you, they are still rather disgusting.

Do Bats Eat Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs might seem like a great food source for other animals, but many species don't like their bitter taste. They aren't a primary menu item for most birds, but rodents will eat them if they don't have many other options.

So, bats are unlikely to eat the boxelder bugs around your property. Even if they eat some of them, they won't remove the infestation. And, bats themselves are dangerous to have around your yard as they can spread disease and damage property. It's much safer to rely on pest control experts to handle these pests than other problematic species. 

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of The Boxelder Bugs That Invaded My Home?

Luckily, boxelder bugs won't hurt you, your family, or your pets, and they are unlikely to cause any property damage. The only real problem is that they could stain personal belongings. The main issue with boxelder bugs is that they are hard to remove because there are so many. You could try over-the-counter products to eliminate them, but these usually only work to an extent. 

Instead, the simplest way to eradicate them is with Reno pest control services from the professionals at Celtic Pest Control. We offer ongoing plans that address nuisance invaders like boxelder bugs. Our services will remove any existing infestations and prevent more from coming back in the future. Call our team of professionals to learn more about service or to request a quote. 

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