What It Means If You're Seeing Spiders Around Your Reno Home

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No one will give you grief over your fear of spiders-everAnd why should they? Spiders look extremely menacing and frightful with eight bulging eyes and an equal number of spindly legs. It’s no wonder that arachnophobia ranks number one on the list of the most common phobias people suffer from, beating out the fear of snakes and heights.

But one thing is sure: your experienced professionals providing effective pest control in Reno are fearless. In fact, at Celtic Pest Control, we are always prepared to take up arms and defend your home against pesky arachnids or any other pest problem. Read on to learn more about how and why different kinds of spiders infiltrate your home and the best way to combat the problem before the situation worsens.

All The Spaces Spiders Can Hide In Your Home

Spiders must have been the source of inspiration behind the advent of the popular children’s game hide-and-seek, as they are the best in the world at it. Spiders sneakily enter homes unannounced and then proceed to find those areas in which human inhabitants are either unaware of or cannot access. Their presence is only discovered during their foray out into the open, searching for food.

Six of their favorite hiding places include:

  1. Underneath furniture
  2. Beneath the sink
  3. Inside cardboard boxes
  4. Within clutter
  5. Under door frames
  6. Corners of ceilings

Spiders also love cozying up in sheds, barns, garages, under woodpiles and rocks, and nestled in the corners or edges of windowsills. The vegetation in your garden is attractive to spiders as well.

Spiders In Your Home Can Mean A Bigger Problem

The goods news associated with common house spiders is an incredibly low health hazard risk to you and your family. Even though witnessing a spider sitting motionless on your wall or shimmying swiftly across your floor is unsettling, at least the serious threat of harm is not an issue. Of course, spiders like the black widow and brown recluse, among a few others, are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, most spiders found in homes are more of a nuisance than anything else.

However, a sudden occurrence or an increase in spider sightings can be a clue that other pests have invaded your home since spiders are natural predators that feast on different insects. In this case, contact Celtic Pest Control for an inspection to determine if you have a secondary infestation.

How And Why Spiders Find Their Way Into Our Homes

There are two main reasons why spiders invade your home: food and shelter. So, you will surely experience more than your fair share of arachnids on your premises if you provide them with an insect buffet to dine on. Unfortunately, your beautiful outdoor garden may be playing host to a spider’s favorite meal, leading to an assortment of pests on your property that can easily invade your home through various entry points.

To prevent that from happening, seal up or repair the following areas in and around your home:

  • Cracks and holes in the foundation
  • Gaps around pipes that enter in from the outside 
  • Tears and rips in window screens
  • Spaces or crevices in the floor
  • Openings around air vents

Filling in those areas where spiders enter your home will significantly reduce their occurrence, thereby lessening your stress and discomfort.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Spider Control Method

Do-it-yourself methods and home remedies to prevent spiders in your home can help eliminate the pests you can see. However, you can't beat professional pest management services, knowledge, and experience.

Here at Celtic Pest Control, our expertise in eradicating all spiders from your Reno residence is second to none. We provide effective treatments that are applied with precision and care to keep you and your family safe—no longer needing to share your living space with super scary spiders. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get started on our professional home and commercial pest control services.

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