Venomous Spiders In Reno: How To Recognize And Stay Safe From Dangerous Arachnids

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Often misidentified as insects, spiders are arachnids that exist throughout most of the world. Some individuals develop a fear or phobia of spiders called arachnophobia. Spiders are wingless, predatory pests with eight legs, usually solitary creatures.

How do I get rid of spiders in my house? Those with the best results with spiders typically have professional assistance from a Reno pest control professional. A properly trained team of spider exterminators understands how these unwanted creatures behave and the best ways of expelling them from homes.

Venomous Spider Identification: Key Characteristics And Behaviors

What are the primary types of spiders in Nevada that homeowners will encounter? Some of the most commonly seen types of spiders in Reno include house spiders, wolf spiders, and black widow spiders. House spiders typically appear tan or brown with stripes on their legs.

Wolf spiders usually have dark brown bodies with lighter markings. Wolf spiders are often large, and their hair bodies appear intimidating. Fortunately, house spiders and wolf spiders pose minimal health risks.

Black widow spiders are among the most dangerous venomous spiders in this region. Black widow spiders have a shiny black appearance with a distinctive red marking.

Another dangerous spider in the United States is the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa). Fortunately, brown recluse spiders are rarely seen in Nevada; however, the potentially harmful desert recluse spider (Loxosceles deserta) is seen in the southern part of Nevada.  

Venomous Spider Bites: Symptoms And Emergency Measures

While most people who endure a spider bite experience mild pain and skin irritation, others could experience more adverse reactions. For example, those bitten by a black widow spider who exhibit symptoms such as nausea, fever, or cramps should promptly seek assistance from a medical professional.

Spider-Proofing: Tips For Preventing Dangerous Spiders In The Home

What are some of the most effective strategies for preventing the common types of spiders in Reno from invading your home?

Some of the most impactful ways of limiting spiders include:

  • Repair or replace torn window screens and apply weatherstripping around the frames of windows.

  • Inspect the external base of the structure for crevices and fill them with caulk or sealant.

  • Limit the use of bright outdoor lights, especially near entryways, as this light often attracts flies, moths, and other spider prey.

  • Avoid attracting flies, ants, cockroaches, and other pests that spiders consume by keeping kitchen areas clean.

While this list of spider prevention measures is viable, spiders are tricky creatures that might thwart our best efforts. Those with too many spiders inside or around their home should contact the pros. Trained pest control professionals, like our experts with Celtic Pest Control, know the best way to get rid of spiders in the house.

Professional Venomous Spider Removal: Safe And Effective Eradication

Are you looking for a professional provider of spider control near you? Homeowners in the Reno area should look no further than the pest management pros with Celtic Pest Control for safe and effective solutions to home-invading spiders. 

As an experienced company, Celtic Pest Control understands how to rid your house of spiders quickly. We conduct an exhaustive inspection of the premises, as needed, to identify the nature of the problem. Our team might treat several areas for spiders, including garages, sheds, decks, and other structures on the premises.

We encourage homeowners in Reno to consider our ongoing residential protection plans that will help keep the property free of spiders. These year-round prevention plans feature monthly or bimonthly treatment visits and are back with a satisfaction guarantee. Keep in mind that our team offers treatment options for a host of other troublesome pests aside from spiders.

Contact our office today for additional information about our residential and commercial pest control services in Reno.

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