The Ultimate Guide To Boxelder Bug Management: Proven Control Strategies For Sparks Properties

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When you notice a boxelder bug infestation in Sparks at your home, you want to find a way to control these pests. Even though they represent a nuisance rather than a danger to people, pets, and property, you don’t want to see them around your home.

These are pesky insects that often gather in large clumps, especially in colder temperatures, meaning that you rarely have one boxelder bug in your home. At Celtic Pest Control, our professionals can help you figure out if the insects you are seeing are boxelder bugs. We also can develop a plan for controlling them for you.

Boxelder Bug Identification: Signs And Features To Look For

Most people identify boxelder bugs in Sparks through the unusual markings on the backs of these insects, as well as by their shape. However, because they have a relation to stink bugs, some people mix up the two types of insects when trying to identify them.

So what does a boxelder bug look like? Some of the key characteristics of boxelder bugs include:

  • Body about half an inch long

  • Body with six legs

  • Head with two antennae

  • Black body color with red or orange marks on the back

  • Oval-shaped body

  • Wings on adult insects

If you notice large groups of small, black insects in direct sun congregating on a building, this often is a sign of boxelder bugs.

Boxelder Bug Problems: Understanding The Damage They Can Cause

When people call our team at Celtic Pest Control about these insects, the first question they often ask is, are boxelder bugs dangerous? Boxelder bugs represent more of a nuisance pest than a dangerous pest. These insects do not spread disease to humans or pets, although they may bite a human, leaving a welt like a mosquito bite. This is an extremely rare occurrence, though.

They also don’t tend to destroy property when building nests like some insects do. The biggest potential problem that boxelder bugs cause is that they may invade your home, hiding inside your walls. They’re especially active in the autumn and winter time, trying to enter a building or home for warmth. They then migrate back outside when temperatures increase in the spring.

Shield Your Home From Boxelder Bugs: Practical Tips For Prevention

These insects can stain fabrics, furniture, and curtains with their droppings, so most people want to eliminate them from the home as soon as they see them. When you are wondering how to eliminate boxelder bugs, you can take a few preventive measures around your home, including:

  • Plug any cracks in the foundation.

  • Reattach any loose siding.

  • Repair gaps around where conduit enters the home.

  • Check seals around windows and doors for tightness.

  • Fix holes in screens.

Because boxelder bugs are attracted to areas with sun to help them warm themselves, always check areas of the home with sun exposure for gaps that boxelder bugs may try to use to gain access to your house.

Effective Control For Boxelder Bugs: Say Goodbye To These Pesky Pests

The best way to control boxelder bugs is to rely on a professional pest management service. These pesky insects are difficult to move without the right techniques and tools. At Celtic Pest Control, we can provide tips that you can use to reduce the population of boxelder bugs around your property without having to remove trees.

When you are ready for help with how to keep boxelder bugs away from your Sparks home, reach out to Celtic Pest Control. We offer a free, no-obligation evaluation, so you can learn more about how we can help you. Contact us today to discuss your boxelder bug problem.

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