The Secret To Keeping Boxelder Bugs Away From My Reno Home

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Boxelder bugs are in the same family as stink bugs, and yes, like stink bugs, they emit a foul odor when disturbed or smashed. If you’re trying to remove one or two boxelder bugs from a windowsill, deck, or floor, this isn’t much of a problem, but when you’re facing a serious boxelder bug infestation, then you’re dealing with thousands of these pests.

Boxelder bugs nest in the fall and emerge in the spring, and they’re most problematic when they invade homes, garages, and standalone structures, such as sheds. Once these pests are inside, they multiply quickly and in high numbers. The solution to getting rid of boxelder bugs for good is with pest control in Reno.

Read on to learn about how boxelder bugs got their name and what attracts boxelder bugs. We’ll also explain how long boxelder bugs live and why boxelder bugs are infesting your home—and how to get them out.

How Did Boxelder Bugs Get Their Name?

Boxelder bugs get their name from the maple-producing boxelder trees. In the spring and summer months, boxelder bugs feed primarily on boxelder trees' seeds and lay their eggs on them; hence, these pests are often found on and around boxelder trees. Boxelder trees are prevalent throughout the city of Reno, and boxelder bugs are a problem here consequently.

What Are Boxelder Bugs Attracted To?

Boxelder bug control begins with identifying what attracts boxelder bugs. Aside from having boxelder trees in and around your property, several other factors may be attracting these pests to your home. Here are three factors that attract boxelder bugs:

  1. Sunlight: Boxelder bugs are attracted and drawn to direct sunlight because of the heat, so you often see them congregating on the sides of homes, garages, sheds, or buildings that receive direct sunlight; the same goes for trees, rocks, and other areas where they can stand on. Typically, boxelder bugs collect on western and southern exposure areas.
  2. Certain Types Of Trees: In addition to boxelder trees, almond, apple, ash, plum, and silver maple tree attract boxelder bugs.
  3. Other Boxelder Bugs: If boxelder bugs are roaming about, they release a pheromone to attract mates to where they are, which draws even more boxelder bugs. 

Boxelder bugs emerge and mate in the spring when their presence becomes noticeable. 

How Long Do Boxelder Bugs Live For?

Boxelder bugs in Reno and elsewhere live for about one year. However, boxelder bugs are sensitive to the cold and cannot survive winter conditions if they can’t find shelter. When an infestation is noticeable in the spring, it may mean that boxelder bugs took up refuge in your home or property all winter.

Why Are Boxelder Bugs Infesting My House, And How Can I Get Them Out?

If boxelder bugs infest your home, the primary goal is to remove them. Don't focus too much on avoiding boxelder bug bites, as these pests aren’t known to bite and may only do so if threatened. 

Before we explain how to remove boxelders from your Reno home, it’s essential to look at why these pests are invading in the first place:

  • Your home was the closest shelter. Once large groups of boxelder bugs gather, they look for cracks in buildings and damage exterior-facing walls to overwinter. If your home was the nearest refuge, it might be the simple reason behind the infestation. 
  • You have boxelder trees in and around your yard or other seed-bearing trees that are feed for boxelder's. 
  • You noted that several factors that boxelder bugs prefer most are present on your property. 

Boxelder bugs wait to collect in large groups before overwintering, and they’re also known to multiply quickly. Severe boxelder bug infestations involve thousands of insects, something no homeowner wants. In the event of a boxelder bug infestation, the only practical solution is to enlist the help of professional pest controllers. 

At Celtic Pest Control, we dedicate our efforts to providing our clients with high-quality service treatments. As part of our initial assessment, we thoroughly inspect all home areas to determine the pests at play, the source of an infestation, and other contributing factors such as heat and moisture. The treatment plan considers all these variables, providing comprehensive services to you and your family.

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