The Best Way To Get Rid Of Pest Birds Around Your Reno Home

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Birds are certainly one of the more “welcomed” pests, especially if they’re brightly colored or singing gentle songs. Nonetheless, all birds pose adversities to Reno homes and yards, regardless of their size, behaviors, and lifestyles.

If left to visit your home or property freely, birds can damage structures, such as chimneys and gutters, and plants and greenery, such as flowering trees and lawns.

Birds can also transmit insects, parasites, and bacteria, which they leave behind on surfaces. The only way to protect your home and yard from the troubles of birds is with pest control in Reno.

Read on to learn why some birds gravitate to urban areas, and the problems birds can create around your home. We also offer insight into three factors that attract birds to your home and the best bird control for your Reno home.

Why Some Birds Love Urban Areas

Birds love urban areas for the same reasons that rodents do: because it affords them access to more food, water, and warm shelter.

Cities big and small make life more comfortable for birds to feed their young and hide from predators while residing close by resources.

The Problems Birds Can Create Around Your Home

Birds can lead to new problems around your home, so residential bird control is essential.

Three issues that birds can cause on your property include:

  1. Birds can damage your home’s structure. When birds gain access to attics and build their nests, for example, they cause damage to insulation. Birds also commonly block gutters with their nests, causing drainage and moisture issues.
  2. Birds carry bacteria. With an abundance of birds comes many bird droppings, which harbor bacteria. Birds’ feathers and nests also have bacteria, which can cause sickness in people and pets. 
  3. Birds can destroy your lawn. While looking for grubs to feed on, birds peck small holes in lawns. While this naturally aerates the soil, if overdone, it can lead to a pocketed-looking lawn.

Birds don’t always cause extensive damage to lawns, but it is costly to fix when they do. Animal control for birds in Reno puts in place the appropriate systems to prevent birds from ever becoming a problem on your property again, ensuring your lawn is protected year-round.

Factors That Attract Nuisance Birds To Your Home

Birds are looking for food, water, and shelter, so anything that makes their quest easier by readily offering them resources is where they will be.

There are a few factors known to attract birds to Reno properties, including:

  • Insects: If you have a bird problem, you will likely have an underlying insect attraction.
  • Water Elements: Such as birdbaths, ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.
  • Trees, Plants, And Shubbery: Those that produce flowers or berries—especially brightly-colored ones or seeds. 

Birds also love some plants, such as sunflowers, daisies, and cornflowers, which will naturally attract birds.

The Best Bird Exclusion Method For Your House

Because of the number of risks surrounding bird control methods, it’s undoubtedly safest to bring bird pest control near you.

With over three decades of combined experience, our skilled technicians at Celtic Pest Control help home and property owners identify workable solutions and keep these nuisance pests away. Locally owned and operated, we offer free lab evaluations—in case you’re unsure which pests are in your home, we pride ourselves on our high customer service.

For help with birds or other pests, call Celtic Pest Control today.

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