Sparks' Tricky Bed Bug Problem

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Bed bugs will wait until you least expect them to bite you and then feed off your blood. These tiny creatures can usually stay in your home for an extended period of time before they are detected. 

At Celtic Pest Control, our certified Sparks pest control technicians deal with these nuisance bugs daily. When it comes to bed bug infestations, there is nothing that we haven't seen before. We have the best solution to your pesky bed bug problem

How Bed Bugs Travel In Sparks

A fully-grown bed bug is only about a quarter of an inch long. They have flat, round bodies that are a dark-brown color and can be easily overlooked. Bed bugs can be found in almost any public area. Some of the most common places where people come into contact with these annoying bugs include second-hand stores, hotels, hospitals, and public transportation. If you get too close to bed bugs in these locations, they will likely try to climb on your clothing or into your bags and hitch a ride back to your home. 

Bed bugs are not incredibly fast. On average, they can travel around 100 feet in an hour. Usually, people get bed bugs by leaving their bags, jackets, or other personal belongings on the floor for an extended period, which will give the bed bug enough time to crawl inside. Sometimes, a person will get bed bugs by handling an object with bed bugs. For example, if you pick up and move a used couch or chair infested with bed bugs, they will easily crawl onto you and catch a ride back to your home. 

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Unlike other pests in the area, bed bugs are not known to carry or spread diseases to humans. However, they are still one of the most hated pests because they can cause a lot of other problems. 

Usually, a bed bug will wait until you are asleep to bite you. This allows them to bite you as often as they want without much intervention. Rarely will a bed bug bite you once and then leave. Instead, they will usually bite several times, leaving you with many itchy bug bites all over your body. These bites can itch so severely that they will cause many people to lose sleep and can cause anxiety. 

Bed bugs will also leave their urine and fecal matter all over your mattress, sheets, and bedding. In some people, this could cause asthma attacks or severe allergic reactions. Even if you are not allergic to their waste, nobody wants to sleep on top of urine and bed bug droppings. As mattresses are tough to clean effectively, this could mean that you are sleeping in an extremely unhygienic bed every night. 

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back To Your Home

It can be challenging to eradicate bed bugs from your home. Once you have called a professional pest control specialist and they have treated your home for bed bugs, the last thing you want is for these pests to return. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do that are sure to keep bed bugs out of your home. Some of the preventive steps that you can take include:

  • If you use a shared laundry facility, make sure to keep your clothes in a sealed bag when they are not in the washer or dryer.
  • Do not put your luggage, coats, and other clothes on the floor when you are staying in a hotel or a public place.
  • Make sure to inspect the bedding thoroughly, the mattress and box spring, the furniture, and the electrical outlets before settling into your hotel.
  • When returning from vacation, make sure to wash and dry all of your clothing on high heat. 
  • Check second-hand items for signs of bed bugs before bringing them into your home.

While bed bugs are not attracted to an unclean home, it is wise to keep your home neat and tidy. Remove any unused items that can be used as a hiding spot. Also, vacuum your carpets and furniture often to ensure no bugs are living in the crevices. 

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