Should I Be Worried If I Spot Spider Webs Around My Reno Home?

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Spiders are a common type of household pest often miscategorized as a type of insect. Spiders are arachnids belonging to a class that includes mites and scorpions. These wingless creatures have a body composed of two segments with multiple eyes and eight legs. Many spiders form large, silky webs around or inside homes, which capture various types of prey that these pests consume. 

How long can spiders live for? Some research suggests that some spiders have lived for nearly 20 years; however, most spiders live for roughly two years—with females generally living longer than males. 

How do you get rid of spiders in your home? Preventing spider intrusions often proves challenging, as these pests move quietly, and their small bodies will allow for infiltrating homes through small openings. Speaking with a local pest control company is usually the best means of responding to spider-related concerns. A local Reno pest control professional understands how to get rid of spiders in your house and various effective methods how to keep spiders out of your home. 

What Kind Of Spiders Are There In Reno?

Some of the most common types of house spiders that enter homes include common house spiders, orb weavers, crab spiders, jumping spiders, and the potentially dangerous black widow spiders.

The More Webs, The More Spiders

Of the many thousands of spider species that exist in the world today, many use their “spinnerets” to form webs that snare passing prey. Homeowners should discourage spiders from remaining indoors by carefully using a vacuum or another tool to remove any existing webs. Keep in mind that not all types of spiders spin webs. For example, wolf spiders directly hunt for prey by using “ambush-style” tactics.

Four Tips To Prevent Spiders From Coming Inside

Are you encountering too many spiders around your home? Remember the importance of proactively considering the best preventative practices, such as the following four tips: 

  1. Remember the importance of checking for any signs of spiders before bringing in firewood or retrieving bags or boxes from sheds, garages, or other storage areas inside the home.  
  2. Limit bright outdoor lighting, particularly near doors, windows, or other possible points of entry, as the light will attract many flying insects and other pests that spiders hunt. 
  3. Look along the base of the home’s exterior around the foundation for any cracks or voids that might allow entry and fill them with durable, weather-resistant material. 
  4. Promptly fix or replace torn window screens, weatherstripping, or other damaged materials that might represent entry points for spiders. 

As the aforementioned strategies indicate, limiting insects and other invading pests that spiders eat is a critical aspect of prevention. As is usually the case with most pests, spiders prefer an environment where ample sources of food exist. 

Pro Pest Control Is The Best Way To Keep The Spiders Out

Are you a Reno-area property owner seeking solutions regarding how to get rid of spiders in your house? Rather than trying do-it-yourself home treatment options sold by retailers, local residents should speak with a pest control professional regarding a comprehensive, detailed assessment or inspection that may reveal points of entry and determine if underlying pest-related problems exist that are attracting these hungry predators. The experienced technicians with Celtic Pest Control understand spider behavior, where they hide, and the best means of treating these pests.

In addition to spiders, our team maintains the tools needed for ousting pests such as ants, bed bugs, rodents, and many other home-invading creatures that plague residents in Reno. Operating with a commitment to safe operations, our experts will receive specialized training that best ensures the safety of our clients and the physical environment. Contact our office today for further information. 

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