Scorpions In Reno: A Comprehensive Identification And Control Guide

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Scorpions are some of the scariest pests you will likely deal with around your Reno home. These odd-looking creatures have a pair of large pincers at the front of their body and a long, menacing tail that they use to sting their prey with. At first glance, you can tell that the scorpion is not an animal you want to mess with. 

A Celtic Pest Control, we know first-hand what happens when you underestimate a scorpion. While they don't hunt humans, they can attack if you get in their way. Our pest control experts in Reno know the best way to keep you safe from these unique arachnids. 

Signs Of A Scorpion Infestation: What To Look For 

Scorpions are solitary animals. They live and hunt for food by themselves. Seeing more than one scorpion around your home indicates a scorpion problem on your property. If you see multiple scorpions inside your home and on your property, you have a scorpion infestation

Scorpions will choose to live on certain properties for many different reasons. But they are more likely to choose your property if there are plenty of hiding spaces and food. Some of the other things that could be attracting scorpions to your home include:

  • Tall grass or a yard that needs to be manicured properly

  • Several decorative rocks, statues, and other lawn ornaments in your yard

  • Piles of rotting logs and leaves in the yard

  • Homes that look like they are vacant

Scorpions like to hunt for their food at night. They eat insects and small animals. If you have a pest infestation on your property, it could attract scorpions to your yard. 

Scorpion Stings: Symptoms And Treatments

While scorpions have pincers in the front of their body that they can grab you with and cause pain, the one thing that causes people the most fear is the stinger that the scorpion has on its tail. A scorpion's tail can reach up and over its body to reach its enemy. If you are stung by a scorpion, you will feel an immediate sharp, burning pain at the site of the sting. Over the next two hours, the pain might worsen, and you could also experience tingling and minor swelling. Usually, the symptoms will subside on their own in 24 to 48 hours. 

Some scorpions can cause more serious side effects when they sting you. The bark scorpion is the only scorpion in Reno considered harmful to humans. The venom injected with a bark scorpion sting can cause severe swelling, erratic eye movements, nausea, sweating, drooling, and muscle twitching. These severe symptoms are typically only seen in small children or older adults. But anyone stung by a scorpion and experiencing anything more than pain, minor swelling, and tingling should seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Scorpion Prevention: Proven Effective Tips

Prevention is the key to a scorpion-free property. If you want to keep scorpions away from your home for good, some of the easiest and most effective steps that you can take include:

  • Remove all debris from your yard.

  • Limit the amount of patio furniture and other decorative items you have outside.

  • Don't place large rocks or stacks of firewood near your home. 

  • Address any pest infestations that you have around your property.

  • Repair any cracks, gaps, or openings around the exterior of your home.

Scorpions typically don't want anything to do with humans. Most of the time, people are accidentally stung by a scorpion when they unknowingly step on or come into contact with one. A scorpion's body is made up of a unique compound that glows a bright bluish-green color when they are underneath an ultraviolet light. If you plan to sit out on your patio or in your yard at night, having a black light near you is a good idea. 

Expert Scorpion Control: Get Rid Of The Infestation Now!

Getting rid of a scorpion infestation requires the help of a skilled and experienced scorpion control specialist. At Celtic Pest Control, to eliminate the scorpions from your property, we first determine why the scorpions have chosen your home to invade. Once we can get down to the root cause of the problem, we can work on eliminating the existing scorpions and preventing another scorpion infestation from developing on your Reno property. 

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