Reno Homeowners’ Leading Guide To Effective Ant Control

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Ants are the kind of pests that can quickly get out of hand for Reno homeowners.

Ants are small and seemingly harmless compared to other pests; depending on the species and the population, these critters can cause a host of problems on your property.

The fastest and easiest way to handle these pests sooner rather than later is with help from professional pest control in Reno.

Read on to learn about common species of ants that invade Reno homes and why you don’t want ants crawling around your house. We also offer six tips on naturally effective ant control and prevention and the best ant control near you.

Common Species Of Ants That Invade Reno Homes

The two ants that typically invade Reno homes and properties are pavement ants and red ants.

Pavement ants aren’t only a problem in Reno but nationwide. These ants are very small and dark brown or black with oval-shaped, segmented bodies. You can spot their nests by the small piles of dirt or sand they leave outside of them.

Red ants are dangerous. These ants bite, causing a painful burning sensation, and they’re also responsible for causing damage to structures, electrical equipment, and agriculture.

Why You Don’t Want Ants Crawling Around Your House

Having ants in your home poses a safety risk. When ants gain access to food or walk across surfaces, they leave behind bacteria.

Some of the bacteria spread by ants include:

  • Clostridium
  • E. coli
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Staph 
  • Strep 

Some ants, including fire ants, cause property damage, requiring costly repairs. Fire ants build tunnels by digging in the ground to avoid becoming stuck in one area. Over time, their digging can cause the above structures to collapse.

Six Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips

If you prefer organic pest control for your home, consider the following six tips:

  1. Don’t leave food out. Whether it’s fresh food, dry food, pet food, or pantry items, store all food properly to avoid attracting ants and other pests.
  2. Use citrus fruit peels. Ants detest the smell of citrus fruit, so round up your orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit peels and leave them near entryways. 
  3. Lay cinnamon sticks around your home, as ants also don’t like the smell of cinnamon. 
  4. Add a few drops of vinegar to your cleaning solutions for all surfaces. Even though you likely won’t notice the smell, ants will, and it’ll signal to them to stay away.
  5. Use coffee grounds to create a barrier. Ants don’t like how coffee grounds feel under their feet, and it disrupts their walking, directing them elsewhere.
  6. Regularly check your houseplants. If you enjoy having an abundance of houseplants, check them regularly for ants and other pests.

When applying the abovementioned tips, the most-effective way to prevent ants is by pairing prevention with ant pest control.

The Best Ant Control Method For Reno Homes 

Ants are tiny, making it difficult for homeowners to see all the places they may be hiding. They also spread bacteria, which can put homeowners and their families in harm’s way. The safest and swiftest way to get rid of ants is with ant control solutions.

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