Pest Spotlight: Tackling A Pest Bird Problem In Reno

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Birds in Reno can be quite a problem for area residents and business owners. They are a consistent and growing problem in all urban areas, and birds can cause a surprising amount of damage. Unfortunately, birds can also be tough problem pests to deal with once they move in, with even seemingly successful treatments eventually failing when birds return.

Celtic Pest Control knows all about bird control. We have an extended history with residential bird control of helping area businesses successfully treat pest bird infestations. Call us today, and let us be your local experts for pest control in Reno.

Types Of Pest Birds That Flock To Reno Businesses

Here are some of the types of pest birds you might have to deal with if you own a local business:

  • Pigeons are generally comfortable situating around humans in urban areas. They are frequently encountered on the ground as well as roosting up higher. Pigeons leave droppings around the places they frequent.
  • Starlings do not seek contact with humans and tend to avoid contact with people at all costs. They build mud nests in nooks and crannies, which can cause property damage and deface buildings. They leave extensive droppings below nests. 
  • Seagulls are very opportunistic birds and will locate around areas where food and shelter are commonly available. They don’t seek close contact with humans, but they love being fed and are not above trying to snatch food from unsuspecting people.

Keep in mind that rather than dealing with one type of bird at a time, you might, in fact, have to deal with multiple types of birds simultaneously. Birds can cause a lot of damage to property and are not easy to get rid of. Bird control methods require extensive knowledge and experience, and Celtic Pest Control has both. Contact us today. We know all the latest bird control methods and would be happy to be your bird control service of choice.

The Many Problems Roosting Birds Can Create On Your Property

Birds bring potential problems with them. One of the problems is bird droppings. Birds, unfortunately, tend to foul the areas around their nests. When birds frequent roofs, they can damage things like air conditioning units and skylights. When birds foul walkways and outdoor areas, they introduce the risks of slips and falls and potentially bring diseases. The largest concern regarding birds is that if the pest bird population increases, so do the bird-related problems.

Bird pest control in Reno can be tricky and hard to figure out, but you don’t have to try to do that alone. Celtic Pest Control has been dealing with birds in our area long enough to know exactly how to handle them. Call us, and let us partner with you today to take care of pest birds. 

Why Birds Are Attracted To Some Businesses More Than Others

Why does it seem that birds are attracted so much more to certain businesses than others? One business may be almost bird free, while another faces an infestation. Here are some of the reasons you may be facing birds on your property:

  • Abundant roosting opportunities: Birds will consistently flock to buildings that offer them the ability to rest for the night. Reducing or eliminating roosting opportunities discourages birds from staying at night or during the day as well.
  • Extensive nest-building opportunities: Starlings, most especially, seek out nesting opportunities above open spaces and will readily move in if given a chance. Eliminating nesting opportunities reduces infestations.
  • Easy food availability: Businesses situated around areas that offer easy access to food are automatically attractive to pest birds. Working to decrease the availability of nearby food sources can help reduce pest bird infestations.

There are several reasons that birds will decide to inhabit your Reno business, but only one company you need to call to get rid of them. Celtic Pest Control knows warehouse bird control, roost mitigation, and pest bird deterrent methods, and we can help you get pest birds off your property.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Birds On Your Property

Infestations with pest birds are not easy to control with DIY methods because addressing bird problems in your business requires extensive knowledge of bird habits and behaviors. Thankfully, you do not have to try to figure everything out yourself. You can call Celtic Pest Control to get all the help you need. Call us today, and let us help you with pest birds. 

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