How To Keep Your Reno Yard And Garden Vole-Free

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Voles are small rodents that can be difficult to spot because they spend much of their time underground. While you may not be able to always spot these creatures in your yard, you will have no problems finding the damage that they will cause to your lawn.

If you are seeing damage to your garden, Celtic Pest Control can help you find out why. Our Reno pest control specialist has been dealing with voles for years. We know how to identify vole damage and eliminate them from your yard. 

What Are Voles?

Voles are small rodents that are commonly mistaken for field mice. However, a few unique characteristics distinguish the vole from other rodents. For starters, a vole's body is stockier and usually has smaller eyes and ears. They also have short tails and short legs. Their small bodies are covered in light brown fur, which helps them blend into the dirt and grass they hang out in. 

They like to live in open fields and other areas with heavy grass growth. They typically live in underground burrows that can have several tunnels and openings. Usually, the underground burrows will have several voles living together. 

The Destruction Voles Can Create In Your Yard

Voles in Reno will rarely come into your home. If you do find a vole inside your home, it is probably there by accident. These small rodents prefer to live outdoors and eat a diet mainly of plants but have been known to eat small insects that they find underground. 

The burrows and tunnels that voles dig underground can uproot the grass and plants in your yard. They will also nibble and eat on trees and plant roots. If you have voles in your yard, you may notice long lines of raised soil and grass, dead or discolored patches of grass, and damaged trees, shrubs, and plants. The more voles you have living on your property, the more severe the damage will be. This is why vole control in Reno is so important. 

Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Voles

The good news is, when it comes to voles, you don't have to break out harmful products or traps to find the best vole control solution. Instead, you can naturally prevent voles from coming into your yard by doing the following:

  • Reduce the number of trees and vegetation you have in your yard to eliminate hiding spots
  • Don't let the grass in your yard grow over six inches tall
  • Install wire guards or fencing around your shrubs and trees
  • Put gravel around your trees and plants to create a protective barrier
  • Get rid of any piles of wood or other debris and outdoor clutter that you have in your yard

While voles are great at digging, they don't like the ground to be too hard. If you have moist soil or insufficient drainage in your yard, the soft ground could attract voles to your property. 

The Key To total Vole Control For Your Yard

Voles are some of the most difficult outdoor pests to get rid of. If you think you have voles around your Reno property, call our Reno rodent control technicians at Celtic Pest Control today. We take the hassle out of vole control, and we can keep your yard looking its best by ensuring that these animals stay out of your yard for good. Call us today to schedule your consultation and see how we can help keep your yard vole-free all year long.

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