How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Reno Yard And Keep Them Away

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Have you ever seen a mole? Would you know how to tell it apart from other wildlife in Reno? If you aren't so sure, you're not the only one. Moles are a strange pest, and they are often confused for other species such as voles, mainly because the two names sound so similar. Most people guess that moles are a kind of rodent, but they are not. While voles are rodents that look like mice, moles are insectivores more closely related to shrews.

But, just because moles in Reno aren't related to rodents, it doesn't mean they aren't an issue if they invade your yard. They live underground and can destroy property. To avoid the damage that moles can create, read this guide put together by the wildlife control experts at Celtic Pest Control.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of Moles In Your Yard

Moles are a brown or gray color and grow eight inches long. They have large front paws that look like paddles; they use these paws to dig through the soil. They also have a long snout that helps them find insects to eat.

But, knowing what moles look like isn't always that helpful. They rarely emerge from their underground tunnel systems. So, it's often easier to spot a mole problem by looking out for some other signs of their presence, such as grass that feels spongy when you walk on it and dirt mounds appearing around your yard. These dirt mounds usually have a volcano shape.

The Extent Of Damage Moles Can Cause To Your Yard

While moles don't chew through materials or damage wood, they can destroy the elements of your yard. Just one mole can ruin your property in a small amount of time, especially if they are hunting prey. If under favorable conditions, a mole can tunnel through 18 feet of soil in an hour.

In just a couple of weeks, moles can destroy the roots of plants in your garden and landscaping, and they can also damage the root systems of your grass. The appearance of the mounds they create is also unsightly and may pose trip and fall hazards.

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard

Moles are insectivores, so they only eat bugs. Therefore, it makes sense that moles seek out properties with lots of prey to consume. They eat a variety of lawn pests, including grubs and earwigs. They will also eat some other common pests in the area, like ants. Often, underlying insect issues will bring moles to your yard, so protecting your lawn from common insect invaders is wise.

The other main factor that attracts moles is humidity. They prefer lawns that have access to water sources. Soil watered too often is also easier for moles to dig through and makes it effortless to create damage.

The Key To Total Mole Control For Your Yard

While you can try to trap moles around your yard, it's often difficult to get effective mole control without help from professionals.

At Celtic Pest Control, we are Reno pest control experts with experience with moles and other yard-invading wildlife. We want to ensure you don't deal with extensive yard damage and struggle to remove these problematic pests. Instead, you can trust our home pest control experts. Call our technicians today to request a quote or book a service visit for your yard.

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