Effective Black Widow Spider Control: Steps For Safe Elimination In Your Reno Home

Most people have heard of the black widow spider. This pest is known for its powerful bite and interesting appearance. What you might not know is that this arachnid lives here in Reno. If you are not careful, you might find a black widow inside your home. This is something we would like to help you prevent.

The following information is what our experts recommend you know about Reno spider control and why a black widow might invade your home. For fast, professional options to control these pests, turn to our team at Celtic Pest Control. We will inspect your living areas, find out if you are dealing with a spider problem, and work out a fast solution to give these pests the boot. Otherwise, keep reading. We have some things you should know.

Distinctive Markings: How To Identify A Black Widow Spider

The black widow spider is one of the easiest types of spiders in Reno to identify. To start, they are a bit larger than most local arachnids. Once fully grown, these pests are about 1 ½ to 1 ?” long. That is pretty big. What makes these spiders even easier to identify is their color and shape. The black widow is jet black and has a red hourglass marking. Find this marking on the underside of this pest’s bulbous abdomen.

Another good way to identify a black widow is by its web. Webs that these pests build are abnormally shaped and usually found close to the ground. If you are having trouble identifying what kinds of spiders are present inside or around your home, do not hesitate to involve our team at Celtic Pest Control. We will inspect your property and let you know what pests we find.

Black Widow Spider Bites: Understanding The Potential Health Risks

Getting bitten by any spider is not a fun experience. Getting bitten by a black widow is especially terrible. Why? Because of their venom. The black widow has extremely potent venom that is lethal to small animals and dangerous for humans.

The good news is that this pest does not actively seek out humans to bite. They will only attack when they feel threatened or trapped. This does not mean you should ever pick up a black widow, but it should ease your mind a bit if you see one of these arachnids in the wild. If one bites you, here is what you might expect:

  • Moderate to severe pain

  • Chills

  • Fever

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Sweating

  • Headache

  • Stupor

  • Shock

  • Restlessness

  • Seizures

The best thing to do if one of these pests bites you is to seek medical attention. This will help avoid some of the more severe symptoms and greatly reduce pain. Otherwise, do your best to avoid these dangerous spiders

Professional Black Widow Spider Extermination: Ensuring Peace Of Mind

Living in fear of spiders getting into your home is not fun. Fortunately, there are many great options to help you stop pests like black widows before they take over your living areas. If you would like a simple and effective solution to pests, talk with our team at Celtic Pest Control.

We offer amazing options to handle all sorts of annoying, dangerous, and destructive species. Let us pay your home a visit, assess your pest problems, and help you find short and long-term treatments to help you address the issues you are having. Call now to learn more or to make an appointment for your home.

Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips: Keeping Your Home Spider-Free

If you have some time on your hands and do not yet have a spider problem, consider taking some action to keep things this way. Here are some of the best general prevention tips to help you stop black widows from invading your home to hunt.

  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.

  • Make sure your windows and doors have proper seals and are in good working order.

  • Address moisture issues inside and around your home.

  • Remove clutter from your living areas and keep things clean.

  • Sweep up webs that you find on your property and around your home.

  • Install screens on windows and doors that you want to keep open.

  • Close unscreened windows and doors when you are not using them.

Reach out to our dedicated team at Celtic Pest Control to discover more about spider removal in Reno and find out how we might help you avoid black widows year-round.

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