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Living in Reno can feel like heaven on earth. The beauty of the mountains and sparkling rivers nearby all highlight the beautiful vegetation surrounding the area. Nothing rivals the beauty of nature more than a well-manicured yard, but when weeds start cropping up, they can soon ruin your lush, velvety-looking landscape. When invasive weeds begin sucking the life out of your lawn, it's time to get professional lawn care in Reno.

There Are Different Ways To Approach Weeding Your Lawn

Owning property is one of the most expensive purchases people make in their lifetime, so most people like to ensure their lawns look nice. When weeds start showing up on your property, immediate action is necessary, and a plan for removal is vital.

Three common but different approaches to lawn weed control include:

  1. Store-bought solutions
  2. Hand-removal
  3. Professional weed control

Countless store-bought products promise to eliminate weeds but deliver weak results. Many products only deal with weeds on the surface and leave roots unaffected. Weeds come in all shapes and sizes, so identification can be difficult. Misusing products (too little, too much, or the wrong one) can harm healthy grasses. Products that don't work mean repeat trips to the store, which will swiftly drain your pocketbook and patience.

Hand-pulling weeds may seem like a money-saving proposition, but if weeds don't get appropriately removed (root and all), they'll quickly return. Additionally, pulling weeds by hand won't prevent new weeds from replacing the ones you just removed.

Using a professional takes the guesswork out of weed control by accurately identifying weeds and developing the perfect plan for removal. In addition to experience, knowledge, and effective products, professionals can take the stress of weed control off your shoulders, allowing you to use your extra time to pursue more enjoyable pursuits. 

Using a professional weed control company like Celtic Pest Control can help eliminate stress, long days of weeding, and loss of time and money. We even offer weed prevention plans to help stop weed issues before they start.

Weeds Steal The Nutrients From Your Lawn

All yards are subject to weed invasions. A simple puff of wind can blow seeds from weeds into yards; before you know it, weeds have a foothold in your lawn. Once weeds have established themselves, they don't come out without a fight. Weeds are aggressive plants that quickly multiply and crowd out desired grasses. They will assertively compete for the sunlight, moisture, and nutrients that allow grasses to thrive and stay healthy. Weeds that steal all the nutrients from healthy grasses will leave lawns dull and lifeless. Property owners can regain their pristine grounds and enjoy robust, lush grasses with weed control services from Celtic Pest Control.

Pulling Weeds By Hand Can Be Stressful And Time-Consuming

Some property owners might consider pulling weeds by hand therapeutic; most view it as punishment! Weed control is hard work; it is also time-consuming and backbreaking. Adding to the hard labor is the stress of identifying weeds correctly. (You don't want to uproot healthy grasses.) Another potential stressor when pulling weeds by hand is worrying whether you've removed the weed successfully. If weeds get removed improperly, they will return to lawns quickly. After spending tons of time and hard work removing weeds from lawns, property owners can also experience stress when they realize a simple breeze can put seeds from weeds back into areas just cleared out. Before long, you're looking at another long weekend of weeding! Controlling weeds is challenging. With help from Celtic Pest Control, property owners can enjoy weed-free lawns and extra free time engaging in other more enjoyable pursuits.

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Weed Control

Using a weed control company like Celtic Pest Control, you can take the stress out of weed maintenance. Our locally owned and operated company has experienced, and knowledgeable technicians trained to recognize local weeds and provide exceptional services to help eliminate them. Our company offers Reno property owners high-quality services at honest rates. Get started with stress-free weed removal and prevention services by calling Celtic Pest Control today.

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