Do I Need A Wood Destroying Pest Inspection For My Reno Home?

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Wood destroying pests are some of the most destructive and dangerous insects to host in your Reno home. A wood-destroying insect (WDI) report conducted by Reno pest control professionals is often essential for closing on a home and ensuring that all is well with any property purchase in Reno.

Signs Of Wood Destroying Insects In Reno

Wood destroying insects in Reno include pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. All of these insect types leave behind signs of their presence, and it is essential to look out for these signs if you want to discover an issue before it becomes out of control.

Significant signs of wood destroying insects to be aware of include:

  • Pinpoint holes in the wood of your home or large bee-sized holes on the outside of your home
  • Rustling and clicking noises in the walls of your home may be more audible at nighttime
  • Discarded wings from carpenter ants or termite swarmers located around your property
  • Visual damage to wood or wood that breaks away easily
  • Wood that sounds hollow starts to collapse, sinking floors and ceilings, and bubbling or peeling paint on walls

Seeing any of these signs around your property means contacting Celtic Pest Control for a wood-destroying insect inspection and tailored treatment solutions to defeat the pests invading your property.

Preparing For A Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

The best way to prepare for a wood-destroying insect inspection is to contact Celtic Pest Control and let our technicians speak with you about your property’s needs and what to expect from the report. Then, all you have to do is schedule your WDI inspection appointment and wait for our team to visit your property. We will inspect interior and exterior areas to see whether or not you have pest invaders while evaluating any damage that active wood destroying pests have already caused.

The Benefits Of A Thorough WDI Report

A thorough WDI report can be beneficial for many Reno property owners, as this report can help you secure financing or refinancing of a property and provide proof that a property is safe to purchase or sell. With a thorough WDI report, there will be no questions about a property's safety and pest-free status. If our technicians discover pest problems or damages caused by wood-destroying pests, we can assist in corrections, which we will list on your WDI report. 

Before purchasing a home, a thorough WDI report can save you thousands of dollars as it prevents you from buying a house already infested with wood-destroying pests and the damages these insects caused.

Professional Wood Destroying Insect Inspections In Reno

When it comes to wood-destroying insect inspections, you want to be sure that you have the most thorough and accurate inspection possible for your property. Celtic Pest Control can handle this task, and we always adhere to the State of Nevada’s Department of Agriculture guidelines for WDI inspections. 

We make sure that our WDI reports are thorough and take our time inspecting both exterior and interior areas of your property for issues caused by wood-destroying pests. Plus, we help you address any pest problems and assist with repairs that will help you reclaim your home from dangerous wood-destroying pests and protect your property from future issues.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your WDI inspection appointment.

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