Are Bed Bugs In Reno Sneaking In Through Electrical Outlets?

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An influx of bed bugs in your home is never enjoyable. Plus, this pest may hide in the most unlikely places, such as inside stuffed toys or around utility areas and electrical outlets. To combat bed bugs in your home and ensure that you don’t suffer from itchy bites and a widespread infestation, you should contact Reno pest control at the first sign of this insect invading your property.

Bed Bugs And Electrical Outlets: What You Should Know

Bed bugs are the expert when it comes to hiding out on your property, thanks to their incredibly small size and their nature of hiding in a safe space until they detect that they can come out and feed or move to a different area. In addition to sleeping quarters, furniture, and gaps in your walls, electrical outlets make for prime hiding spots for a bed bug infestation, especially if an infestation is extensive.

You can detect bed bugs around your electrical outlets by using gloved hands and unscrewing the outlet cover from the wall. If bed bugs are hiding there, you will see them crowded around the outlet and maybe even inside the area where you typically plug things in. In serious infestations, bed bugs will use the areas behind electrical outlets to crawl through walls and invade different rooms.

If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs for good around your home, you should be investing in proper bed bug control that addresses your electrical outlets.

How To Seal Electrical Outlets From Bugs 

One of the best bed bug control techniques for your home is sealing electrical outlets from bugs. This is an often-overlooked step, but it can be beneficial to keep bed bugs and other insects out.

To seal up electrical outlets from bugs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select either expanding spray foam or caulk; spray foam is better for larger areas, while caulk is better for small areas.
  2. Remove the outside of the electrical outlet and carefully apply spray foam to seal the inside.
  3. Replace the outlet cover once the spray foam is dried and trim to fit completely.
  4. Caulk around the outside of the outlet cover to create a tight seal.

And remember, if you are dealing with an active bed bug infestation, you should reach out to pest control to kill bed bugs as soon as possible to stop the infestation from becoming unmanageable.

The Key To Keeping Bed Bugs From Spreading To Other Rooms

Another major element in bed bug control is learning how to check for bed bugs and implementing tactics to keep them from traveling from room to room. This will help you contain an infestation until you obtain the proper treatment from local pest control for bed bugs.

Signs to look out for that indicate bed bugs have invaded your property include a musty odor, visual sightings of bed bugs around rooms, reddish staining on walls, furniture, or beds, and itchy red bites on you or others around your property.

To keep an infestation of bed bugs from spreading throughout each room, you can:

  • Wash all clothes and fabrics in the infested room in hot water and dry on high heat to kill hiding insects.
  • Declutter the infested room to reduce hiding spaces. Put any infested items outside until proper treatment is provided for them.
  • Always check second-hand furniture and appliances for bed bugs before moving them into your home and potentially starting an infestation.
  • Regularly vacuum, wash bedding, and seal cracks or electrical outlets to eliminate bed bug hiding spots.

In addition to these tips, reach out to Reno pest control as soon as possible to stop a bed bug infestation and keep it from growing completely out of hand.

Complete Bed Bug Control For Reno Residences 

For complete bed bug control that you can count on in Reno, you should contact us at Celtic Pest Control. Only our expert technicians and high-quality products can keep your property safe from infestations of bed bugs and eliminate all traces of this pest so that you can reclaim the peace and safety of your residence.

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