Ants In The House: Understanding The Risks And Health Concerns In Sparks

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In Nevada, ants are a constant problem that bothers homeowners year-round. These tiny insects are invasive and annoying. If even one ant can find a way into your home, you could eventually have an entire ant colony with more than one million ants. 

At Celtic Pest Control, we know the kind of major problems that ants can cause in your home. Our specialists have been battling these pesky insects for over a decade, and we know the best way to keep your home ant-free forever. For quality pest control in Sparks, look no further than Celtic Pest Control.

Ant Communication: How Infestations Develop And Spread

Some types of ants in Sparks will move their colonies every few months as the weather changes. All ants like to live in an area close to a food source. Sometimes, worker ants, or scout ants, leave their nest to look for food and water. They will emit a pheromone to draw the other ants to that location, and when they find it, you see a line of ants traveling through your home.  

When an ant decides to move its colony to your home, it doesn't take long for a severe ant infestation to develop. Most types of ants have one queen in each colony. However, some ant species will have more than one queen in the nest. A queen ant's only job is to produce eggs. On average, one queen ant can lay over 3,000 eggs in one day; this is why most ant colonies have several million ants living together in one nest. 

The Dangers Of Ant Infestations: Understanding The Risks

Two different types of ants in Sparks can bite people; the fire ant and the carpenter ant. The fire ant, also known as the red ant, is known to bite and sting at the same time. They have powerful jaws that they use to clamp down on your skin. They will then use their jaws to hold themselves in place while they swivel around and pierce you with the stinger on the rear of their bodies. Some people are allergic to fire ant stings and will develop severe, life-threatening symptoms. 

Carpenter ants can also bite if they feel provoked. However, their bites aren't known to cause any serious side effects, and the only symptoms that most people feel after being bitten by a carpenter ant are mild pain or itching that goes away in a few minutes. 

The real problem with carpenter ants is that they can be destructive. They are known to build their nest inside of wooden beams and other wooden objects. While they don't eat the wood as termites do, they are still able to cause damage to the wooden structures on your property, which is why many people mistake them for termites.

Other ants can cause problems in your home as well. Many ants carry a variety of bacteria around with them. If they come into your home, they could contaminate your food with several diseases that could cause illnesses, such as salmonellosis, E. coli infections, and streptococcus. 

Ant Prevention Is Key: Effective Tips And Tricks

Because an ant infestation can grow and spread at an incredibly rapid rate, it is much easier to prevent an ant invasion than it is to treat a pre-existing infestation. Some of the things that you can do to keep ants out of your home include:

  • Repair leaks and moisture issues right away
  • Make sure to store all food in sealed containers properly
  • Don't leave your pet's food dish out
  • Have your lawn mowed often 
  • Place a tight-fitting lid on the top of your trash cans

The ants in Sparks are incredibly small and can fit into extremely small gaps and cracks around your home. If you want to ensure that ants aren't able to just walk into your home, you should inspect the outside of your home and seal up any gaps or cracks around your home. Double-check the space around any pipes and cables around your house. Placing a screen over the outdoor vents is also a good idea. 

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Keep Ants Out For Good

Teaming up with a professional home pest control expert is the best way to ensure the eradication of ants from your home. At Celtic Pest Control, we go above and beyond to make sure that every ant is eliminated from your Sparks home for good. Give us a call today to get your free quote and free evaluation.

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