Answering Reno's Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mice

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Mice seem to be everywhere in popular culture. Some of the most well-known cartoon characters are mice, but while they might seem adorable in animated form, mice aren't so wonderful when they're around properties. One of the reasons mice are so well-known is that they are so widespread. These rodents live nearly everywhere humans live as they are competent and intelligent. They have a dependent relationship with humans, so they use our buildings for shelter and access to food and water.

But, while mice get many benefits from living near us, they aren't great for humans. Mice are some of the most destructive, dangerous, and invasive pests globally. Learn more about mice in Reno from our team at Celtic Pest Control. We've put together this guide to answer your questions about these rodents.

What Food Sources Attract Rodents?

Rodents eat a variety of foods. They are omnivores, and they can be opportunistic, especially if they're hungry. But, in general, they prefer grains, fruits, and seeds. Contrary to popular belief, mice aren't particularly attracted to cheese. They might eat it occasionally, but they're more likely to seek out foods higher in carbohydrates.

They will eat food from around your garden, yard, and home, and if they can, they'll get into your pantries and cupboards or eat small crumbs and spills.

Twelve Common Questions And Answers About Mice In The House

Many people have seen a mouse around their property at one point or another, and you might have questions about this species and the risks they pose. Here are some commonly asked questions about mice and the answers you need to know:

  1. Are Mice Dangerous? Mice are dangerous because they can transmit diseases like salmonella and hantavirus.
  2. Do Mice Spread Illness Through Biting? While mice might bite if you get too close, they're somewhat secretive. They usually spread disease through the things they leave behind, like their fur, urine, and feces.
  3. How Many Kinds Of Mice Are There? While many different mouse species exist, the house mouse is most common in the area.
  4. Do Mice Damage Homes? Mice have strong incisors and can chew through plastic, drywall, wires, plaster, pipes, and more.
  5. How Small Are The Holes That Mice Fit Through? Mice can squeeze through holes the size of a dime.
  6. Can Mice Climb? Most mice are great climbers and can shimmy between tight spaces.
  7. How Long Do Mice Live? Generally, they live between one and two years.
  8. What's The Difference Between Mice And Rats? While they have many of the same behaviors, the main difference is that rats are larger.
  9. Do Mouse Traps Work? Traps for rodents will get some of the individuals, but they're unlikely to remove the entire infestation.
  10. How Fast Do Mice Reproduce? One female mouse can have around 40 mouse pups each year.
  11. What Are The Signs Of Mice? The leading indicators of mice around your home include rod-shaped droppings, the smell of ammonia, and chew marks. But, these signs might not show up at first. 
  12. How Can I Remove Mice From My House? The simplest way is with Reno pest control services.

Knowing more about mice will help prepare you better if a mouse infestation makes its way into your home.

Eek! I Saw A Mouse In My Kitchen! 

If you've seen a mouse running around your kitchen, you likely need mouse control services right away. It's improbable that there's only one mouse around the house. Instead, you probably have many more that you're not seeing. Mice are nocturnal and try to avoid us, so you likely won't see them until the infection has grown. Mice can live inside the walls of your home and hide in tiny areas that are hard to access. 

Total Rodent Control For Homes In Reno

Many different products are available to remove mice and other rodents. These include traps and sprays, but we don't advise using these products for many reasons for rodent control. Unfortunately, they also don't work as well as you would think. They can eliminate some mice but usually don't get the entire infestation.

Instead, the easiest and safest way to remove mice and keep them from returning is with professional home pest control. At Celtic Pest Control, we provide ongoing mouse prevention and removal options. We will eradicate an infestation and then offer regular treatments to keep them from returning. Call us today to request a quote or to learn more.

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