A Handy Scorpion Prevention Guide For Your Reno Yard

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If you're like most people in Reno, you probably don't give much thought to scorpions until you see one. Unfortunately, scorpions are becoming more common in our area every year. Celtic Pest Control knows all about scorpions in Reno, including basic facts about them, the problems they cause in your yard, five tips to prevent them, and how to practice the best scorpion pest control in Reno.

The Life Cycle Of Common Scorpions

All scorpions start life as eggs. The female scorpion will lay her eggs in a warm, dark place and will watch over them until they hatch. The hatching process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the temperature and the species of scorpion. Immediately after hatching, the baby scorpions will start to look for food. They reach maturity within six to 18 months. Once they reach maturity, scorpions can start producing offspring.

The Problem With Scorpions In Your Yard

There are a few reasons why these little pests can become a huge problem in your yard:

  • They can damage your property. Scorpions like to hide in dark, sheltered places, such as under rocks and in tall grass. They can also damage your home by crawling into cracks and crevices, causing structural damage.
  • They can contaminate your food. Scorpions can hitch a ride into your home on groceries, boxes, or other items. Once they're inside, they can crawl into your food cupboards and contaminate your food.
  • They can be dangerous to pets and people. Scorpions are venomous, and their sting can be painful and dangerous.  

In extreme cases, the venom of scorpions can cause paralysis or even death. The symptoms of a scorpion sting can vary depending on the species of scorpion, but most stings will cause some type of pain and swelling. Some people may also experience shortness of breath, chest pain, or nausea. If you are stung by a scorpion, seek medical attention immediately.

Five Naturally Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips

Don't put yourself and your family at risk of getting stung; here are five natural and effective ways to prevent scorpions in your yard:

  1. Keep your yard clean and free of clutter. Scorpions like to hide in dark, sheltered places, so keeping your yard clean will help reduce the risk of them becoming a problem.
  2. Remove moisture sources. Scorpions need moisture to survive, so eliminating any sources of moisture in and around your home will help reduce the risk of them appearing.
  3. Eliminate tall grass and weeds. These provide shelter and food for scorpions. Make sure to trim your grass and bushes regularly to keep scorpions away.
  4. Install a fence around your property. A fence will help keep scorpions out of your yard. 
  5. Install motion detector lights. These can help to get rid of scorpions that try to enter your yard at night by scaring them away.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer on how to get rid of scorpions or keep them from appearing in the first place. The best way to protect your yard from scorpions will vary depending on the size of your yard, the type of landscaping you have, and other factors. 

The Best Form Of Scorpion Control For Your Yard

The fact is that no DIY prevention can compare to a professional pest control service. If you're worried about dangerous scorpions in your yard, it's important to consult with a professional pest control company like Celtic Pest Control. We can help you determine the best way to kill scorpions in your yard and the best preventive actions going forward. We'll be happy to discuss the options available to you and help you create a home pest control plan that will keep your yard safe from these dangerous pests.

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