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Help! There Are Birds Taking Over My Reno Property

Don't let the birds mess up your property. Learn how to identify and control the problem so you can enjoy your property again.

Why You Should Prioritize Treating Rodent Infestations In Reno

Don't ignore your rodent problem. Learn why rodents are more dangerous than you think with this article from Celtic Pest control.

How Much Damage Can Termites In Reno Cause?

Don't be caught unprepared when termites come to eat your home. Learn how to identify and treat termite problems in your home with Celtic Pest Control.

Are There Roaches Taking Over Your Reno Home?

It's roach season. Yes, roaches are taking over your Reno home. Learn here how to spot and get rid of an infestation of cockroaches.

Are There Spiders Lurking In The Shadows Of Your Reno Home?

Spider infestations are more common than you might think. Find out why it's important to know how to deal with them when they occur.

Pest Spotlight: German Roaches In Reno Can Be Difficult To Get Rid Of

How much do you know about German cockroaches? Learn about these local pests today and discover the methods required to get them out of your Reno home.

Easy Ant Prevention Tips For Residents Of Reno

Is DIY ant prevention the best way to handle these pests in Reno? Learn more about your ant control options today and find freedom from these invasive bugs...

How To Keep Your Home Safe From The Termites In Reno

Do you know how to protect your Reno home against a termite problem? Learn from our experts today what methods work best to prevent these destructive insec...

Are You Struggling To Deal With Voles On Your Reno Property?

Do you need a quick option for vole control in Reno? Find out how these pests invade properties today and learn how to prevent an active infestation.

Bed Bugs In Reno Can Be Tricky To Deal With On Your Own

Are bed bugs ruining your sleep? Find out today how to combat these pests and what method works best to get them out of your Reno home fast.

Spiders In Reno Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of Alone

It can be tough to take on spiders in Reno. Luckily, the experts at Celtic Pest Control are here to help! Call today for your free no-obligation evaluation...

Why Rodent Control Is Extremely Important For Reno Property Owners

Rodent control isn't glamorous, but it's extremely important to Reno property owners. We examine why in this article.

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