Are You Struggling To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Reno?

Bed bugs can leave you feeling frustrated and defeated. The reason people struggle with bed bugs is that they don't know enough about them. Bed bugs rely on your lack of knowledge to survive and spread from one location to another. Join us today as we break down a few misconceptions about bed bugs and get to the heart of the problem. We'll discuss what doesn't work to stop bed bugs and, more importantly, what does. If you'd prefer to speak to someone about your bed bug control problem, we're happy to help with that as well. Celtic Pest Control offers effective solutions for pest control in Reno. We know how to treat bed bugs effectively and how to apply bed bug treatments so that those bugs don't evade the treatments. We are happy to share this information with you. With that said, let's take a look at a few facts every Reno resident should know about bed bugs. 

Warning: Bed Bug Infestations Can Happen To Anyone

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If you think bed bugs only infest dirty homes, these pests will surprise you. It doesn't matter how clean you keep your home. Bed bugs aren't attracted to unsanitary conditions. In fact, there is nothing about a home that attracts bed bugs. They don't choose where they live. Bed bugs spread passively. Here's how it works.

  • Bed bugs hide in tight spaces, cracks, crevices, and voids. Bed bugs will hide in these places, whether in a hotel, motel, movie theater, taxicab, your home, or a friend's home. 
  • When objects are moved, bed bugs move with them. They may move from one room to another as you move a chair, couch, bed, or some other item. They can also move from one home to another or from a business to a home.
  • When bed bugs come out of hiding, they search for food. If the outdoor environment changes, they search for a new place to establish themselves. They make do with whatever conditions they find themselves in. 
  • Bed bugs feed on blood and try to live where people sleep, sit, or lounge. A bed bug prefers to come out at night to feed, but it will take daytime feeding if it has to do so. Bed bugs administer an anticoagulant when they bite; this allows them to draw blood without being noticed.
  • Bed bugs go from one indoor space to another. They aren't going to leave your home if you apply repellents because they don't live outdoors. The great outdoors is a large and inhospitable environment for bed bugs. They prefer indoor spaces and will search for someone to bite inside the interior spaces they happen to find themselves exploring. 
  • Bed bugs will survive or die off. There is no other option. It is as simple as this.

While bed bugs can thrive in a home that is cluttered and where their presence is ignored, a dirty home does not attract them. Sanitation will not prevent an infestation. The only way to keep bed bugs from infesting your home is to take steps to prevent them from hitching a ride on you, someone else in your home, or people who visit. 

Why You Can't Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

If you're currently struggling with bed bugs in Reno and wondering why you can't get rid of them, you're not alone. Bed bug infestations are commonly hard to control. Why are bed bugs so elusive? There are several reasons. Here are a few examples.

  • Some people throw their beds out. But bed bugs don't just live in beds. They can live in couches, chairs, other furniture, pianos, electronics, luggage, bags, and more.
  • Some people attempt to control bed bugs with space heaters. While heat can eliminate bed bugs, space heaters don't do anything to stop bed bugs. These insects find cold spots to hide in or move to other rooms to escape the heat.
  • Some people attempt to control bed bugs by placing traps. Do traps catch bed bugs? Yes. You can catch some bed bugs with traps. But bed bugs have behavior patterns that help them elude traps long enough to produce offspring faster than traps can cull their population.
  • Some people apply control materials. There are many products that can eliminate bed bugs on contact. You don't even need to buy a special product from the store. Soapy water will eliminate bed bugs. Unfortunately, these treatments are topical and don't get into the tight spaces and voids where bed bugs hide. You're not going to soak your alarm clock with soapy water to get rid of the bugs inside, right?
  • Some people use encasements to trap bed bugs inside their mattresses and box springs. These are helpful, but they don't provide a complete solution. Encasements are only one piece to the pest control puzzle, one method in a multi-pronged strategy to eliminate and control bed bugs.
  • A vacuum is the best tool for addressing bed bugs. If you only have one or two-bed bugs and you catch them early, you can suck those bugs up along with their tiny white eggs. Once bed bugs replicate, and nymphs start to develop, a HEPA vacuum is typically required. A general-purpose vacuum is no longer enough.

There are many ways to deal with bed bugs. Some work, and some don't. The methods that work can fail when they are mishandled or when the control strategy isn't complete.    

The Problems That Come With A Bed Bug Infestation

When bed bugs are not properly corralled and controlled, they are going to do what they do. They are going to continue to grow their population. They are going to continue to bite and take blood meals. And, most of all, they will continue to make life miserable for you and everyone in your home. Are bed bug bites dangerous? No. But ongoing infestation can create other problems.

  • A condition called anemia can result from a bed bug infestation that is not corrected.
  • Bed bug bites are sometimes itchy. When scratched, the wounds can open. Kids that scratch bed bug bites can get infections and not know what to do about them.
  • A bed bug infestation can cause a loss of sleep, and sleep deprivation can lead to medical symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Operating a motor vehicle is also not good if you aren't getting good sleep. Poor sleep can result in slow cognitive function.
  • Most of the problems associated with bed bugs are social. Kids can get bullied at school when news spreads that they have bed bugs. Coworkers can avoid you when they hear that you have an infestation. Friends and family may avoid coming over if they know you have bed bugs.

It is frustrating to deal with a bed bug problem, even more so when you try to get rid of bed bugs and fail. At the first sign of a problem, it is best to seek local pest control for bed bugs. Let's look at why this is the case.     

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

If you live in Reno, contact Celtic Pest Control for effective bed bug control. Our trained and experienced pest technicians can assist you by developing the multi-pronged strategy necessary to eliminate these bugs successfully.

  • We perform a thorough inspection to locate areas of infestation and evaluate what methods are required.
  • We will apply materials known to eliminate bed bugs and apply them in the areas of infestation.
  • We may dust outlets and switches to address bed bugs hiding in your walls and other structural voids.
  • We may use steam to drive bed bugs out of hiding or eliminate them in the cracks and crevices they're hiding in.
  • We may use HEPA vacuums to suck up bed bugs, both alive and dead. Vacuuming will also deal with the tiny white eggs hiding in cracks, crevices, and other tight spaces. A bed bug can lay 1 to 5 eggs a day and up to 200 to 500 in a lifetime. These eggs must be addressed to stop the cycle of infestation.
  • We may suggest the application of encasements to seal bed bugs in mattresses or box springs or keep bed bugs out of these sensitive areas.
  • If we are called to assist a business, we help train housekeeping and other staff to detect bed bugs early. 

Your technician will help you from start to finish. Bed bug control is a complicated process, but you're in good hands with Celtic Pest Control. If you have questions or want to request a bed bug treatment for your Reno home or business, navigate to our contact page and connect with us. We'll help you find the right solution for your specific needs and budget. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite. Get relief by reaching out to us today. We're here to help! 

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