Ants In Reno: A Comprehensive Control Guide For Reno Homeowners

There are different ways of testing knowledge in school. The least painful is the simple, short quiz (although a pop quiz is a little more painful because you never know when the teacher will administer it). The next level on the pain scale is the test at the end of the section, followed by the test over the whole unit. However, the worst exam of the year is the comprehensive test. Many study long hours and lose sleep preparing for this examination because it covers everything you have studied for the whole semester or year. 

A comprehensive exam determines if you know all the details about a particular topic. This article gives you a complete picture of the ants that affect Reno homes. We discuss typical ant species in Reno, why they are problematic, and how to prevent an infestation. Before we get into the specifics, the first step when you have ants in your house is to contact the Reno pest control team from Celtic Pest Control. Our locally owned and operated company does the job the right way. Our carefully screened and trained technicians provide professional, honest services following the highest standards in the pest control industry. 

You probably found our article because you have ants in your house. So, continue reading to learn how to stop an invasion of these tiny insects. 

Common Types Of Ants That Plague Reno Homes

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A comprehensive analysis begins by answering the question, what is an ant? Ants are six-legged insects with a head, thorax, and abdomen. These cold-blooded invertebrates have their skeleton on the outside of the body (exoskeleton) that they must shed at each growth phase. All ants have antennae, but not all have wings or stingers. Although most people associate the color black with ants, they are also red, brown, yellow, and white. Depending on the species, ants in Nevada are 1/16 to 1/2 inch. Many ants create nests in the soil, underneath stones, logs, and junk, but others build them inside the wood.

If you rip open an ant mound, you will probably see winged and unwinged ants. The wingless ants are sterile females whose sole purpose is to forage for food and create new tunnels and chambers. The winged ants are reproductives. These ants fly from the nest during the spring and search for locations for a new colony. Once they find a suitable area (assuming they survive the flight and the predators), they mate, dig a hole for a new nest, and lay eggs. 

The ants on our list produce swarmers, but some fire ants use a process known as budding. Fertilized queens and worker ants flee when they perceive the nest is under attack and move to a new area where the queen lays eggs, and the workers begin constructing a new colony. 

There are thousands of ant species worldwide, but the following are problematic for many Reno homeowners:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Odorous ants
  • Pavement ants 
  • Red ants

Let's briefly get a description of these types of ants and learn about their habitats and behaviors. 

Carpenter ants are 1/4 to 1/2 inch long and have a red, black, or a red and black body. These ants are so-called due to their association with wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat timber but shave off wood to create smooth tunnels deep into damp wood, which serve as nests. Insects, sweets, eggs, and plant juices serve as food for these creatures. 

The odorous house ant has a 1/16 to 1/8 inch brown or black body. This ant is so named because it produces a rotten coconut smell when crushed. When these ants invade a house, they live in wall voids near hot water pipes, beneath leaky water fixtures, and wood tunnels previously created by carpenter ants. Odorous house ants enjoy honeydew and sweets. 

If you look down at the sidewalk and notice ants along the edges, you are likely looking at pavement ants. These dark brown to blackish 1/8-inch ants nest underneath concrete, stones, and masonry walls. Inside the house, they live in insulation, walls, and underneath floors. These ants consume insects, seeds, honeydew, bread, meats, and cheese. Pavement ants are good climbers that climb 30 feet up brick and stone walls to enter homes. 

Red ants, or imported fire ants, tend to live outdoors in large two to four feet irregular mounds with flat tops next to trees, landscape timbers, and foundations. Although they generally stay outdoors, these 1/8 to 3/8 dark reddish-brown ants occasionally enter homes through AC and HVAC units. 

Celtic Pest Control provides ant control in your house for whatever ant species invades your home. When we inspect your home, our trained technicians can determine the problematic ant species and develop a custom plan to remove the offending pest.

An Ant Infestation Can Be Very Problematic For Homeowners

Ants do more than form a conga line along your baseboards into your kitchen. Because ants are indiscriminate about where they walk and forage for food, all ants contaminate food and surfaces. As they travel across unsanitary areas, bacteria on the surfaces transfer to their feet; later, those same organisms move onto surfaces as the ants crawl through the house. 

Although all ants are a nuisance, carpenter ants cause physical damage to the house. These ants chew through soft, water-damaged wood to create nests. Although the damage may not be immediately apparent, years of boring through the timber in a home can cause sagging floors and collapsing structures. Some of the ants on this list bite when provoked. In many cases, the bites cause only mild, temporary pain. However, a bite from a carpenter ant is more painful because they inject formic and break the skin. Fortunately, carpenter ant bites are not venomous nor transmit disease. 

Ants are related to wasps; although most ants do not have stingers, imported red fire ants are the exception. When their nest is disturbed, these ants swarm en masse to quickly attack the perpetrator. They immediately bite to anchor themselves and then sting the victim to inject venom. Wounds from fire ants (red ants) are red with white, painful pustules which take several days to dissipate. People with allergy sensitivities may require immediate medical attention to counteract the venom. 

Another way ants harm homes is by chewing through electrical wires and bringing moisture into electronic equipment. Ants can create short circuits in appliances and computers. 

Celtic Pest Control is the best pest control company for ants. We protect your family and pets from painful stings by eliminating imported red fire ants in the house or yard. Our trained technicians work to keep carpenter ants from destroying support beams and floor joists in your Reno home. By eliminating the presence of ants in your house, you keep surfaces and exposed foods free from contamination by ants. 

Five Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Ants are a necessary part of the ecosystem outside our homes, but they are a nuisance and dangerous inside the house. Although no one can eradicate ants from their property, we can do things to stop them from entering our homes. Here are five ant prevention tips to help avoid a future infestation once a trained technician from Celtic Pest Control eradicates ants from your Reno house:

  1. Seal cracks and crevices in the foundation and along the roof line.
  2. Cover all crawl space and attic vents with a fine mesh.
  3. Repair window and door screens.
  4. Install door sweeps.
  5. Cover all outdoor and indoor garbage cans.

Maintaining a clean, dry house and property will deter ants from entering or staying in your home. Eliminate any items that trap and hold water and ensure proper drainage for ditches and low-lying areas. 

Sweep the floors regularly, suction out corners and cracks, and wipe down eating and cooking surfaces after meals. Use silicon-based caulk to seal cracks and crevices; pay attention to joints around outdoor utility boxes, pipes, and wires entering the house. 

Implementing these tips and suggestions will deter ants, other insects, and rodents from remaining on your property and entering your home. When you contact Celtic Pest Control for ant control in your house, we will identify additional entry points and attractants. Our licensed technicians can provide more exclusion tips to ensure ants stay away for good. 

Professional Assistance Is Key To Total Ant Control

Celtic Pest Control provides ant control near you. When you contact Celtic Pest Control to get your free evaluation and inspection, we dispatch a fully trained and vetted technician to your Reno home. Our technicians know the signs of ant infestations and can determine which problematic species are in your yard or home. 

We will discover entry points, attractants, and hot spots. Using the information gleaned from our inspection, we provide a strategic plan to eradicate the current ant infestation and future generations. We use eco-friendly products to treat hot spots and create a barrier around your house. You can rest easy knowing that we can apply our products safely in homes where children and pets are present. 

Call Celtic Pest Control today to learn about our customized follow-up services and treatment plans and to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate. 

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